Rare 1950s Shirley steel bathroom vanity — and with a drainboard sink!

vintage steel bathroom vanityAfter the discovery of five vintage Beauty Queen Lavanette Vanettes, we received a followup tip from reader Steve, who spotted this even rarer (we believe) vintage metal bathroom vanity for sale. We’ve never seen a Shirley steel bathroom vanity in the wild — or even in advertisements before. And lookie that bathroom vanity drainboard sink — we have gone to heaven! 

vintage steel bathroom vanityFrom the Craigslist posting:

1950’s vintage bathroom vanity and toilet
Rose Pink color
Metal bathroom vanity approx. dimensions 32″w x 30″d x 32″h
Shirley Corporation of Indianapolis, Indiana manufacturer decal inside cabinet.

vintage steel bathroom vanity

Link Love:

  • See the post for this 1950s Shirley steel bathroom cabinet on the Minneapolis, MN Craigslist

  1. Retroski says:

    I agree, quite useful! And judging by the crystal knob on the sink and the font on the “Cryscoat” label, it looks more more 60s than 1950s.

  2. Carolyn says:

    You know, with that drainboard, you could lay the baby’s towel down with the lotion and stuff while bathing. Or several towels to do fine washables and wool sweaters.
    Maybe we don’t see some of these things available in the wild or for sale is because the owners are only now starting to move into other digs. We could be at the beginning (oh, let’s hope!) of the excavation of artifacts like this.
    DH wanted to put a pedestal sink in my bath – oh, yeah, I REALLY want to have that much MORE to clean – and on my hands and knees! Look at how the base is slanted so any water slides down to the floor to wipe up. Gosh, easy to sweep and mop with the clean edges and the mopboard – the drainboard sticks out far enough so you don’t need a kickplate (that’s what that thing’s called, right?)

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