Retro Renovation® by Wilsonart boomerang laminate — now available online at Home Depot

retro renovation home depotboomerang laminate home depotboomerang laminate wilsonartboomerang laminateBreaking News: Wilsonart just let me know that our new Retro Renovation® by Wilsonart boomerang laminates — all seven colorways — are available via Home Depot including online. Prices appear to be the best I’ve ever seen for Wilsonart Virtual Design Library laminates — and shipping is free to store correction: free to your home! To get to the laminates, I went to HomeDepot.com then searched Retro Renovation Wilsonart. The laminates came right up.

For this story, I took screen shots of the available sizes. A 48″x 96″ (4′ x 8′) sheet is $123.36, while a 60″ x 144″ (5′ x 12′) sheet is $231.29.

As usual, though, if you want to see samples first (please, do, before ordering), you get them free online directly from >> Wilsonart’s Virtual Design Library.

And note: On the Wilsonart VDL site, the laminates are listed as available in both Vertical (thinner, for walls, backsplashes, etc., I guess) and Horizontal (thicker, for countertops) applications. Check your order before you throw down that credit card! I looked at a couple of the Home Depot listings — they all seem to be for the Horizonal/countertop application; again, though, do your own checking!

retro boomerang laminate

Read all the stories about the new collection, “Retro Renovation® by Wilsonart,” here.

Disclosure: I want readers to know: I do not make money if you buy this laminate; “the deal” that I have with Wilsonart includes other elements of consideration. For example, on Feb. 1 they launched an advertisement on the blog, for which Retro Renovation is compensated. So, I do not have any incremental financial reason to promote the laminates in this collection over other options — see all our research on countertop options to find the product that’s right for you! – Publisher Pam.

  1. Kathy says:

    Pam, is there an old story on Retro Ren about how to use sheet laminates for counter tops? Do I have to build a new wood counter top and glue this “sheet” of laminate to it? I see ready to go lengths of counter at Home Depot in a few limited choices that you just buy and cut to size.

    1. Bob Connor says:

      If you don’t want to do it yourself, there is probably a countertop fabricator in your town or the next one over. I found a local fabricator and they can cut any opening or length of countertop in and can get all the patterns from the manufacturers they are a dealer of. Look under “kitchens” or “fabricators”. it also helps to support a local business.

  2. Lisa Compo says:

    Oh, I am loving this story. Although I can’t redo my kitchen counters in it…(1996 house) it’s awfully tempting to consider buying a sheet and make a kitchen table, with the chrome or aluminum trim around it. Maybe I can drag DH to our local ReStore or thrift shops and look for an old table that would enjoy a Retro Renovation. ????

    Although it’s not possible or safe, I would sure like to use it for a kitchen floor…Zowwy, how cool would that be?

    1. Karen says:

      I had the same thought about the floor! Sure would be happy. Love the table idea. Could it be used for shower walls?

    2. Bob Connor says:

      I for one wish it were possible and safe. I have been looking for sheet vinyl for my early 70s kitchen and 90% of everything out there is a shade of beige and gray. I finally found a cinnamon color by Armstrong I can live with but why is there no color for flooring anymore? And why are so many of them trying to make vinyl look like wood? There’s a lot more selection of colors in countertops, I used a pattern in Wilsonart called Sedona Spa that my family voted on for the countertop.

      1. pam kueber says:

        Check all the Commercial sections of flooring companies’ websites — that’s where the color is, if it exists…

      2. AtomicHipster says:

        Hi Bob, check out Forbo Marmoleum, they have lots of colors and it’s a great product and very home friendly.

        John aka AtomicHipster

        1. Deanne says:

          Agreed. I recently installed 13″ X 13″ Marmoleum tiles in my kitchen. Black, white, and a stunning red. Love, Love, Love it!!!

  3. Amber says:

    I’m having my kitchen measured today for boomerang laminate from Home Depot. I’m worried now because the people Home Depot contracts apparently take a very very long time. I’ll have them set a deadline when they get here today and hope for the best, because they are the only ones in my area.

      1. Bob Connor says:

        Please do! I was at that opening and I was hoping to see you there. I was carrying around a camera and had a 3 piece suit like Roger Sterling wears on Mad Men.

  4. Jacki says:

    Love the pink boomerang, but is there a source for a solid color pink laminate? I need solid color more like a Mamie pink for my basement kitchen. Plenty of hot pink out there, but I am coming up dry looking for a muted pink.

      1. Jacki says:

        Thanks Pam,
        I took at look at the resources. Then delved deeper into Wilsonart’s site. Muted pink is a tough find. Wilsonart had one possible called Guava, although it’s still a little bit on the bubble gum side. I’m ordering a swatch to see. Wilsonart is definitely the best for the happy, bright colors.

        1. pam kueber says:

          Did you look at Abet Laminati and Arpa? I just went to check – the links were broken (they should have redirected their previous urls!). Fixed the basic links. They have solid pinks…

      1. pam kueber says:

        I agree – but that’s going to be a lot more expensive than if you can find stock pink, I think! But yes: The world of technology is really coming to our rescue these days!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Sure, that’s possible, but it would likely be an expensive way to do wallpaper!

      Note, There are two specifications for the laminates: One is “vertical grade”, the other is “horizontal grade.” If you are doing countertops, be sure to get the horizontal grade! Order carefully!

      1. Mary Elizabeth says:

        In the past, when I’ve ordered laminate for countertops, I was told by the manufacturer that the vertical grade had a different finish on it, meant to be wiped down occasionally (as when you get something on your backsplash). The horizontal grade has a stronger finish to stand up to heavier scrubbing and daily wiping down, but not, of course, with bleach or any other strong chemicals or abrasives.

        Also, one brand of laminate I looked at had a texture on the vertical finish, and when I asked about using it on the countertop, the manufacturing rep said absolutely not.

        This doesn’t mean, however, that you couldn’t go the other way, using the same horizontal grade for your backsplash or other wall application.

        1. Reader Deb says:

          The surface finish seems to be the same for both from Wilsonart. The vertical grade is thinner–you’re not going to be putting anything on top of it, but you can clean it the same way. They even recommend using undiluted bleach for stubborn stains in the care and maintenance section, which was a surprise to me.

      1. Jay says:

        Please splain! What is inferred by “matching edging product”? Unless you are having rolled countertops fabricated, wouldn’t you just have to have the edging cut from a larger piece. Thanks!

        1. pam kueber says:

          Yes, I would just cut the edging from the large piece I bought – I am sure that is what Kate did.

          Could be that Wilsonart offers “self edge” pre cut for some patterns? I don’t know…

        2. Paul - CT says:


          No one here seems to understand what ‘Matching Edging’ is because it’s definitely NOT Retro! Wilsonart and the other laminate mfg.’s produce a finished edge to give the counter the look of granite or quartz and to eliminate the dark brown edge when you flat edge it so it doesn’t look like laminate.

          All my new laminate had the matching edging. Please see the photo link below where you can see the beveled edge product above the laminate and the crescent edge product :

                1. pam kueber says:

                  Wilsonart emailed me back right away. Here is what they say about edging option for their Virtual Design Library (VDL) products including the Retro Renovation by Wilsonart collection. Wilsonart said:

                  “-Matching strips – we don’t offer those on the VDL designs; they can be ordered for standard laminates. This is usually packaged as an 8’ roll x 1-3/4” wide. Generally, as Kate mentioned, people just cut a strip from the extra laminate to make the edges. This type of edge is called a “self edge” or square edge.

                  -Custom edges – Bevel and bullnosed (Cascade) profiles are available for standard laminates, but also not for the VDL designs. We can make them for the performance laminate types that were mentioned, but this is a special order, with longer lead time and minimum quantities.”

                  Dear readers, please don’t get agitated about these limitations, remember: The market for the designs we want is very limited — the mass market is just not there. Hence, mass production and all its offshoots are not a viable option. Want edging? Cut it yourself from the laminate your order… or, use metal edging, see these search results on places we’ve identified to get both stainless steel and aluminum edging: https://retrorenovation.com/search-results/?q=metal%20edging

  5. cathie says:

    The great news for me up here in Toronto is that I contacted the Canadian office of Wilsonart and I am able to buy it directly from them. 4×8 sheet is $110-ish. Not yet on Home Depot’s Canadian website and probably will never be.

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