349 photos of readers’ livings rooms

midcentury modern living roomUploader now closed. 349 photos — real people houses — lots of great ideas in here — THANK YOU, everyone for sharing your living rooms photos!

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  1. melanie beck says:

    Wow, looking at these neat living rooms definetly made me feel like a kid again. I just love the lamp in pic 17 and the colors of the living room in 209 – 210. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sarah V says:

    Love seeing other people’s spaces. Such a great surprise to see those 2 red Milo Baughman 989’s in one livingroom as I have one in orange 🙂

    1. ineffablespace says:

      I think you are referring to my living room. I have that pair of the pull-up size, one was originally orange plush fake fur, and the other was recovered in a traditional late 1980s fabric, and I have one in the larger lounge chair size that I was so happy to find in a matching orange fake fur that I bought it on eBay not realizing it was a different size.

      The sofa is Brickell, I believe, 1970; the stools are Paul Mccobb; the lamps are Mauricio Tempestini through Laurel Lamp Co; the dining chairs are Nakashima through Knoll; the Chinese Chippendale chair is 1970s, part of a set that was hand painted by a decorator in LA. So a lot of the furniture is on the late side of Modernism. There are 6 dozen + modernist candlesticks on the chest-on-stretcher

  3. maria says:

    This is like a walk through my childhood. I see so many things that were in my parents or friend’s parents homes.

    Interest all are MCM though. Thought we might see some other eras.

  4. April says:

    I keep coming back to make sure I haven’t missed anything! So many lovely rooms with so much inspiration. Thanks everyone for posting, and thanks Pam and Kate!!!

  5. Julie says:

    I keep coming back for the new ones. Labors of love, for sure. The absolute stunners for me are Joe and Brian’s, April’s, and Christy’s Wow, wow, wow, you guys. Fantastic.

      1. The Rands says:

        Thanks for liking the decor, we appreciate that!!…….and thanks to Pam and Kate for the great website. The “Rands”.

  6. Kristy H. says:

    Wow, wow, wow! I love SO MANY rooms!

    A few special mentions: I love the 1957 light up starburst – that is so cool and I personally have never seen one like it!

    Also the china cabinet with the yellow flowered dishes with the yellow flower painting next to it is so much fun! So cheerful. Yellow doesn’t seem to get the appreciation it deserves yet.

    The sofa in the 1956 Minneapolis Rambler (Nick and Amy Larsen)- just about the coolest thing ever and cute little doggie too!

  7. Lori Tevis says:

    I just want to thank everyone for inviting me into their beautiful living rooms. It was such an honor. And so many neat and interesting designs and ideas. That’s what makes Pam and Kate’s website the best because they encourage us all to do our own thing, safely of course. Thanks Pam and Kate for all you do in giving us so much wonderful info and for having a website that encourages such a positive community of MCM folks. You’re the best! Lori T.

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