Kathy’s new/old glam bathroom revival — featuring an Kohler Fresh Green receptor tub and World of Tile tile

1970s bathroom retrokathy-and-ralph-250-cropAll that was left of the original 1976 bathroom in Kathy and Ralph’s house was a Kohler Fresh Green receptor tub. There had once been matching orange sinks! What would daredevil decorator Kathy do to bring this bathroom back to the ’70s? Hint: Her ingenious solutions were found at the Re-StoreWorld of Tile, and a local old time wallpaper store. This bathroom project may shock minimalists’ eyes — but it makes mine very happy indeed.

1970s bathroom retroKathy writes:

We are the third owners of our 1966 cedar contemporary, the second owners staying only 5 years. By coincidence, we became acquainted with a woman who grew up in the house, giving us access to valuable info.

This project was our second bath. It was originally finished a decade or more after the house was built and was done inexpensively – masonite paneling, plywood shelving, white laminate counter, tile board tub surround, vinyl floor — but the kids picked the fixture colors. They chose Kohler Fresh Green for the receptor tub and toilet and orange for the pair of oval sinks.

1970s bathroom retro

Unfortunately, it was all removed by owner #2 – except for the tub, which had been recoated WHITE and accented with colonial-style fixtures. Now there was golden oak everywhere. The floor was bland grey vinyl off the roll from a big box store.

1970s bathroom retro 1970s bathroom retro

At our local ReStore, we were amazed to find a vintage vanity clad all in black marble Formica with muted green and gold veining.

1970s bathroom retro

It came complete with TWO ORANGE OVAL SINKS with crazy gold faucets! We made a deal and took it home, where it lived in storage in our basement for 2 years.

1970s bathroom retro 1970s bathroom retro

In the interim, the white coating on our little Kohler Standish tub began to chip, then peel. With the help of a scraper, I had the whole thing back to green in a few hours. It shows the acid etching from the refinishing, but a couple of coats of canuba wax improved things enough to get by.

1970s bathroom retro

I’ve always loved exuberant wallpapered 1970s bathrooms. I couldn’t spend $600 on vintage foil or mylar, so I hit our local old-time paint and wallpaper store and was pleasantly surprised to find recently discontinued designs with a 70s vibe at dirt cheap prices. For $60, I picked out a great leafy pattern in blues and greens and had fun learning to hang it myself.

1970s bathroom retro

For the floor, we made a road trip to New Jersey and World of Tile just in time before they liquidated. It took less than an hour to pick out our cream tile with green accents for only $2 a square foot.

1970s bathroom retro

A methodical handy man friend installed it all, retrofitting the vanity perfectly, which even required some laminate to be removed and moved around. I repaired and papered the walls and changed out the tub faucet trim.

1970s bathroom retro

I left one of the oak cabinets, refinished in a darker color, along with the white solid surface tub surround.

1970s bathroom retro

Someday, I’ll find a Kohler Fresh Green toilet. For now, a fresh green Bemis toilet seat represents.

1970s bathroom retro 1970s bathroom retro

Other finishing touches include vintage Carriage House by Amerock towel bars and accessories, and a 1970s Syroco wall decoration. Mirrors from Lowe’s and a shower curtain from Target round it all out.

1970s bathroom retro

We love our new/old glam bathroom. I look forward to the day someone visiting our house for the first time sees the bathroom and says, “Yikes! I’ll bet you can’t wait to get rid of this!” But everyone so far seems to genuinely love it, too.


Fabulous. Just fabulous. And, you used one of my all-time favorite World of Tile tiles! Thank you, Kathy and Ralph!

  1. Erin says:

    How can I get into contact with the homeowners? I know of a Kohler fresh green toilet and (regular not receptor) that will likely be removed soon.

  2. Maria Shaw says:

    I want to be their best friend! My 1972 house came with those same Amerock Carriage House everywhere: door handles, towel bars, kitchen cabinets. Their bathroom floor tile is to die for!!!!

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