Whirlpool Sunset Bronze kitchen appliances: Would you?

Sunset Bronze applianceDoing some research about appliances, we bumped into this story in Whirlpool’s press room: Seems like the company is considering introducing a new color, “Sunset Bronze.”

I’m kinda into this Sunset Bronze, because it’s like the drawer fronts in American Brand Pioneer kitchens married the metal dome of my vintage Imperialite pendant light and gave birth to a rosy love child. I’m not in the market for new appliances myself, but if I were working on a retro kitchen project, I might play around with a mood board that considered these. The are different. And they are warm.

Bronze applianceThe Whirlpool’s PR rep was very helpful in supplying images, but seemed to be towing the line on whether the company is even bringing these to market. I think the story is, Whirlpool showed off this color at some trade show to gauge interest, and now they need to decide. Officially, Whirlpool told us, “We received tremendous positive response to the introduction of Sunset Bronze and are looking forward to bringing it to market in the future. Although we do not have a hard launch date yet, please continue to check Whirlpool.com for updates.” Whether this color makes the cut or not, it is nice to see a major mainstream manufacturer considering mass market options other than stainless, black and white.

What do you think of this new color, readers?
Would you? Could you?

  1. Marie says:

    I wouldn’t think twice! I absolutely love this color! I hate black and stainless.
    This is beautiful!!!!!

  2. Nancy says:

    I am remodeling my kitchen soon and have been waiting for this color to become available. I want the complete suite. Absolutely love this color

  3. KYM says:

    Where can I purchase! I would love to have this refrigerator and matching stove, dish washer. I WOULD BUY NOW IF IT WERE OUT IN THE STORE:)

  4. Anne says:

    I love the color and am in the process of renovating my kitchen would buy this entire bundle if only the french door had external water/ice feature which is unavailable anywhere that I could find so that is a deal breaker for me. I have a kitchen aid side by side and just not enough room, for that reason I will have to pass.

    1. fran says:

      Does anyone know if and when Whirpool is going to come out with the french door refrigerator with water/ice feature on the door?

  5. Liz Davis says:

    I absolutely love love love to buy just the stove and the refrigerator.My dishwasher and microwave are “okay”(well).The whole suite would be great but then can’t afford them.

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