Whirlpool “White Ice” Appliances — another nice choice for a vintage or midcentury style kitchen

whirlpool white ice appliancesDo you need new appliances in your vintage-style kitchen? Thanks to a tip from reader Donna, we discovered the Whirlpool Ice line of applianceswhich look like they would fit nicely into a retro-style kitchen. While they are not overtly vintage-looking appliances, their sleek, clean look could mesh well with a vintage vibe. 

whirlpool white ice appliancesDonna writes:

For nice white appliances – checkout the new line from Whirlpool called White Ice. I am restoring a 1940s cottage and really wanted one of those lovely vintage gas ranges but they were too costly for us. After doing a TON of research I chose The White Ice line. They have a very clean white finish, and will fit into the tiny kitchen we have. They harmonize beautifully with the vintage inspired cabinetry and features of the home.

whirlpool white ice appliances

Whirlpool also makes a standard white, the same color. Whirlpool said that White Ice is differentiated from the standard white color by its “silver accents, elegant lines and sleek handles.”

whirlpool white ice appliances

Above: For retro-aesthetics, Pam says she likes it when there is no ice machine in the door. This can be a hard feature (or: “absence of a feature”) to find!
whirlpool white ice appliances whirlpool white ice applianceswhirlpool white ice appliances

whirlpool white ice appliances
whirlpool white ice appliances
whirlpool white ice appliances whirlpool white ice appliances

Another nice-looking appliance line to check out if you are in the market for new appliances for your vintage or midcentury kitchen. Thanks, Donna, for this tip!

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  1. Diane in AZ says:

    I just bought the Whirlpool White Ice appliances and I had no idea they seemed retro in style, I just wanted something with a little more zing instead of my all white Whirlpool ones. I also have the French door all white fridge( plain front) that I am hoping the white ice door handles will fit since I don’t need a new refrigerator. Fingers crossed that when I order them they’ll be a perfect fit. Btw, I was happy to read in the article that the white color is the same. Yay!

  2. SixtiesChic says:

    The whirlpool white ice/black ice appliances are still available BUT are being phased out soon. So if you want them, get em now cause they may not be available in a year from now. As it is I have to special order my side by side black ice fridge with no icemaker at a premium price from Lowe’s–no black Friday specials for me.

  3. Joan Becich says:

    I just purchased a Maytag over the range microwave convection oven that goes nicely with my older Maytag range. Its simple design harmonizes nicely with my 50’s time capsule ranch kitchen, in my humble opinion!

  4. Liz says:

    Oh they can’t phase them out until I get my stove!!! LOL. I also went with the white ice line due to the price of the “retro” lines. The 30″ french door fits perfectly in my 120sq ft kitchen! I need to replace my stove next, but they want an extra $400 for the sleek lines and silver handles….

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