stainless steel drainboard sinksIf you are in the market for a new stainless steel drainboard kitchen sink for your retro kitchen remodel, we discovered a few new options during our trip to KBIS earlier this year. Australian sink manufacturer Oliveri offers two sink models — the Canberra and Brisbane — in three different styles of stainless steel drainboard sinks. Sinks are available with options for left or right drainboard on each model and their two Canberra sink models comes with included extras like a cutting board and a strainer basket. 

stainless steel drainboard sinks

stainless steel drainboard sink The Oliveri Story from the company’s website:

stainless steel drainboard sinkThe company began life as a domestic metal fabricator in Adelaide in 1948. A move to sink manufacturing saw them pioneer the deep drawing process in Australia. Over the years as the business grew, Oliveri, now Australia’s only commercial sink manufacturer, introduced precision technology to their stainless steel sink manufacturing process with the installation of some of the World’s most sophisticated processing equipment.

stainless steel drainboard sinks

Their two piece manufacturing process where the drainer & bowls are pressed separately then welded together ensures that the bowls are deep, straight sided and have maximum capacity.

stainless steel drainboard sink

The personal touch is retained with final inspection and packing conducted by experienced quality control staff.
The quality style and superior design of Oliveri sinks is now enjoyed by home owners around the World as the brand has become established in many overseas markets. Oliveri’s exposure to World markets ensures that product design and functionality is at the forefront so as to be able to compete on the World stage.

stainless steel drainboard sinksFor more information and where to buy:

  1. Penny says:

    I’ve just got to find out the dimensions of these sinks. This could be the answer to a prayer for my 50s kitchen, currently with a chipped enamel sink and damaged linoleum counter top around it.

  2. June Cahill says:

    You’re so right Mary! I almost didn’t walk into that store – because, although I love their merchandise, usually the prices are sky-high! Was just at the right place at the right time! Kind of like ‘thrifting’ – you just don’t know, if you don’t get out and go! My sink’s larger basin is very large – and very deep. I love that aspect too!

  3. Mary Elizabeth says:

    These are absolutely beautiful. I love stainless steel sinks for their looks and ease of care. And I loved June’s story about walking into a plumbing store and finding the perfect sink. Many people don’t go to the higher-end stores because they think they can’t afford things, but those are the very places where you can sometimes get older stock that they are trying to clear out.

    The stainless sink in my ranch house is one of the first things we bought, before we found retro-renovation. So it was a new model. However, the design of these sinks hasn’t changed that much over the years, so we have what is essentially the same style sink that was in place when our house was built, only with slightly deeper basins.

  4. June Cahill says:

    Twelve years ago, when remodeling the kitchen of our ’63 ranch, I was looking for a sink with a built-in drain board. I happened to walk into a higher-end plumbing company and there, to my surprise, was the sink (larger basin, smaller basin, drain board) – stainless, on sale fo $150! – I just looked for a brand, but nothing I can see. I love the sink – and think it looks just super in my ‘made to be retro kitchen!’

  5. Reader Deb says:

    Not sure of the price, but in Brewerton, NY builds copper and stainless steel countertops and will integrate a sink that you buy into one.

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