Chris uses Wilsonart Endora laminate in her retro pink bathroom — looks great!

retro pink bathroomFresh off our story — 40 favorite laminates for a midcentury bathroom — we heard from reader Chris, who has recently completed a retro refresh of her bathroom using one of the laminates on our list: Wilsonart Endora. Combined with a dreamy pink wall color, a custom built vanity and lots-o-great vintage decor finds, Chris’ bathroom is looking fantastic! 

retro pink bathroom

Chris writes:


It is a small bath, but I love it. I found the Wilsonart Endora laminate and had to have it. A local contractor made the vanity for us. Lots of other great finds completed to the room: New Old Stock lucite toilet paper holder and towel ring, light fixture, and a great paint by number. I love that companies are bringing back some great patterns to help with renovations. Thanks for all the great info you share.

retro laminate

retro pink bathroomSince Chris’ bathroom had a white floor and white fixtures, she could have chosen any color for this bathroom. We love that the Wilsonart Endora laminate that she fell in love with helped to dictate the color scheme for the space. Just like decorating any other room, it is always best to pick your pattern first — whether it is on drapery, wallpaper or laminate — and coordinate paint and other accessories with the pattern. Great job, Chris!

retro pink bathroom retro pink bathroom retro pink bathroom

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  1. Celia says:

    Our mid century modern bathroom has the pink (hairpin ? ) laminate on the walls of a half bath. I love the laminate on the walls. We installed a modern white sink vanity & toilet. In your bath I really love the medicine cabinet hung horizontally. I have to find my grandma’s conch shell because yours looks so great in there! Now I’m thinking how great the aqua laminate would look in our full bath on the wall as well. ! Great job, love everything about yours.

  2. Eileen says:

    Will you mention the source for that great lighting? Do you know if it comes in any other colors?

    1. pam kueber says:

      That light shade / diffuser is surely vintage. Start stalking ebay and etsy to find shades like this — the are around!

      1. Chris reynolds says:

        Yes, a vintage piece I picked up years ago at a local antique shop. It has always been my inspiration for the pink bathroom. Keep your eyes open!

    1. Chris reynolds says:

      We had a local cabinet maker make the vanity for us. The finished cabinet is 36×21 and we went 36″for the height. He also made the top for us.

  3. Tom says:

    Looking GREAT!
    The doorknob on the bathroom door throws me a little but that’s very easy to switch out.

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