100+ amazing Time Capsule houses — now in the Retro Renovation archive!

time capsule housesWe have achieved a milestone: 100+ stories about time capsules in our time capsule archive! And, most of these stories are pretty “epic” — we have Thousands of photos of these homes! Once we get permission from agents and photographers, we are typically ‘greedy’ and show as many photos as they allow — we typically ignore professional advice to ‘optimize your website by keeping your stories short’ — and GO BIG whenever it makes sense.

Our goal: To archive all the delicious details in these homes, so that (1) we can carefully scrutinize all the details and perhaps use them for ideas for our own projects, and (2) to appreciate these houses forever-and-ever! With our time capsule selections we also work hard to showcase great variety, which demonstrates one of my key themes, that ‘There is More than One Way to Retro’ — and which gives all of us confidence to do our their own thing — to let our freak flags fly! When decorating is done with love, it’s all good.

This fabulous archive would not be possible without the many tips from readers. Thank you! And, keep those great tips — contact us any time via our Contact Form.

time capsule houses

Photo credits/courtesy for collaged images, from top photo, starting at the top, left to right:  Mike McCaw of SpacecraftingNicholas Motz; Photography by Leslie LLC [link broken]; Shooting LA PhotographyVista Estate Imaging;  OpenHomesPhotography.comcopyright David Wakely and Ira Kahn All rights reserved, Matt Kahn Living Trust;  Spacecrafting; Robert Holowka – Birdhousemedia.caNathan Treanor via the team from SpaceCraftingSusan CassidyDiana Monteith.

  1. Mary Rodriguez says:

    We are looking for a phone number or some way to contact your company to order something.We are interested in the avacado refrigerator (side by side)

  2. Neil says:

    Librarian Pam,
    I think the archive you’re amassing is more than you know. I predict it will be seen as an increasingly precious resource for a long time to come.

    Just think…what if your great-great-grandmother had assembled a 100+ archive of original Victorian interiors (in color; why not fantasize all the way…), showing the thousand tiny details of the prevailing, claustrophobic, pile-it-on taste back then, that have been lost to time; countless people here in Victorian-bespangled San Francisco, alone, would salivate for such an in-depth glimpse.

    I wish your grandmother had put together a 100+ record of the fabulous interiors of Hollywood-Spanish houses from the 20’s, or Heartland Farmhouse decorating eccentricities from any time around the turn of the century (to give us a more specific record than the movie-set esthetic we’re all familiar with, charming as that is).

    It appears that most of us (present company excluded) don’t know what we’ve got until it’s not much more than a stack of seductive photos. You’re doing a wonderful service; who knows how many retro goodies and evocative milieux have been preserved already because of your efforts? A record such as the one you’re preserving will have deep value in time.

    Excellent mission you’re on,

  3. Kathy says:

    Thank you for creating an archive of true period style in all its variety. I have learned so much from your blog and I think you have saved many homes from unfortunate remuddling. Here’s to the next 101 homes!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Looks like a flip to me. Ugh. The upstairs remodeling pretty much represents everything I advise against. But yes, that downstairs rocks!

    2. Rick G says:

      Ya, Pam’s right – a little too much updating for my taste !! – I’m sure it was cool, prior to the reno; I’m surprised there’s not more grey

  4. Carolyn says:

    At first I thought “AAAARGH!!” why are you tempting me? But it’s the end of summer, it’s hot and humid, so since I can’t play outside, ohboyohboyohboy, I can salivate over these. And educate myself about that “iffy 1970’s era” that so many denigrate and look at this one from a couple of weeks ago
    Maybe I’ll use this as a reward as I cross off my to -do list else I won’t be getting ANYthing done!

  5. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Many thanks for creating this archive! It is, as you suggest, a wonderful source for ideas for our own homes.

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