small-sputnik-lights-3-designsDo you love Sputnik lights — but don’t have the place for the prototypical large one? Good news: We found two styles of small sputnik pendant lights — just 12″ wide and tall, available from the The Land of Nod — a children’s store. In addition, you can get a 15″ sputnik from Practical Props, a specialist in making sputnik lights in a variety of sizes and styles.

small-sputnik-light-satellite-land-nodAbove: The 12″ Satellite pendant light from Land of Nod has nine arms, each specified for a max 40 watt bulb. Overall, I quite like its sleek lines. In particular, I like the cone-shaped bulb holders or whatever they are supposed to be called. Looks like it only comes in the gold finish.

small-sputnik-light-up-atom-land-nodAbove: The 12″ Up and Atom pendant from Land of  Nod has 12 arms, each capable of handling a max 25 watt bulb. This design is bulkier than the Satellite — more of a ka-pow. Looks like this comes only in the chrome finish.

sputnik-light-small-practical-propsAbove: Practical Props’ Midround Baby Sputnik is not a perfect orb — its 12 arms reach from 6″ to 15″ to create an three-dimensial elliptical shape (I’m sure there’s a word for this shape — not an ‘egg’, but a symmetrical egg. Who knows?) It comes in either raw brass or chrome finish, and you can choose from a variety of bulb designs up to 25 watts.

Another difference with the Practical Props pendant is that the “drop” can be specified to size and then, it is completely covered with metal tubing. Take a close look, and you will see that The Land of Nod lights have a short length of tubing then you see the cord within a chain. To me, either look would be fine. I guess you could argue the Practical Props drop is more finished, while the cord-within-chain gives you more flexibility to adjust the drop once you to to install.

See all our research about Sputnik lights here … and hey, does everyone remember the “Sputnik time capsule house“? 🙂

  1. Glen H says:

    The Mid Round one is a shape known as an oblate spheroid. The planet Saturn spins so fast that it is flattened at the poles and bulges along the equator and gives a similar shape.
    Is that nerdy enough, lol?

  2. Dave B says:

    We have two Sputnik fixtures in our home from the 1950’s. We love them, however, they go through light bulbs very quickly. I love the starburst bulbs, which are just a c-7 candelabra base bulb, with a “sleeve” that covers the bulb made from some type of spun plastic resin. I would love to find dimmable LED bulbs for them. Two problems- finding bulbs that dim and maintaining the shape of the original bulbs so that the “sleeve” will fit the new bulbs. I have scoured the Internet and not had any luck finding them, if they exist. Any help from Pam’s Army would be greatly appreciated !

    1. Melinda says:

      I have seen some stings of Christmas lights that are LED and mimic the look of c7 bulbs. I don’t know what the actual bulbs are , though. May be worth taking a close look at them when the stores put out the Christmas stuff in the next few weeks. Good luck!

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