Satin Glide Relaxation Unit — a second brand, joining Hall-Mack

satin-glideI’ve written about Hall-Mack Relaxation Units before — but looking back at some old stories on the blog, I was reminded that Satin Glide — a maker of steel bathroom vanities <– see 1963 brochure here — also made this nifty recessed bathroom cubby that ensured… you would never be bored while you… went about your business.

satin-glide-bathroom-vanities-vintage-4049vintage bathroom vanitySatin Glide vanities and the pieces that came with them — cosmetic box under the mirror — closed cupboard above the toilet — were masterworks in their own right. Fancy!

Satin-Glide-retro-bath-vanityAbove: Back in 2012, there was a Satin Glide vanity for sale on ebay in Iowa. Buy-It-Now for just $250! Long gone…


williams-products-elkhart-indianaNot made by Hall-Mack! Made by Williams Products Inc. of Elkhart, Indiana. I wonder if this is the company; in business since 1953, but the current location is Troy, Mich. I bet it is the same company… and (1) the Elkhart location was a second location / manufacturing facility, or (2) they moved or were consolidated and over time transformed to focus on manufacturing other products.

hall-mack-relaxation-unitHall-Mack Relaxation Units were one of the very first woddities that entranced me when I started the blog. Hall-Mack was SO inventive back in the day, it was really quite amazing: See this catalog from my collection of 18 rare vintage Hall-Mack bathroom accessories.

Vintage bathroom Relaxation Units

Vintage bathroom relaxation units are very desirable to find vintage. Along with the other Hall-Mack woddities, they usually command high Buy It Now prices or, if up for auction, fierce bidding. Now you know: Lookie for Satin Glides, too!

  1. Lydia says:

    The only place I ever saw a “relaxation unit” was my grandmother’s swanky black and white zebra-inspired bathroom with a sunken, black tile bathtub big enough to swim in! And, oh yes, the strands of beads separated it from the quiet flush (wall mounted?) black toilet which was positioned next to the relaxation unit and scales that fold in and out of the wall. She and my grandfather owned a plumbing company back in the day and I would give my eye teeth to get back in that house and grab the bathroom fixtures!!! I would even take the 1/2 wall of block glass. The girl had some style!!!

  2. Trisha says:

    We purchased our first home 2 months ago- one of the things I love most about it are the awesome mid century things original to the house! We have a “relaxation unit” in our bathroom (though we didn’t know it was called that until now) and love the quirkiness of it. I can’t tell you how giddy this post made me!

  3. Joe Felice says:

    “Relaxation unit?” My idea of that would be a reclining seat back. LOL I never did understand wanting to read in the bathroom, but I’m told some men go there to get away from others in the house. Maybe that’s the only place they don’t get bothered?

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