Colorful marbleized Kohler toilet seats from 1929


Doing research on bathroom fixture colors, I came across this tidbit: Colors for Kohler toilet seats in 1929. Be still my heart. Plastic so beautiful — I should go into business. Alas, I think it would be a good way to lose a lot of money. Source: The Building Technology Heritage Library.

vintage-church-toilet-marbleized-toilet-seatThese toilet seats are another particular obsession of mine. I tried to buy the one above right off the toilet at this fun estate sale — it was SO HEAVY. I know most folks would think that is gross, but, golly, ain’t they ever heard of Lysol? In any case, no one has sold me one yet.


Above: Church toilet seat colors from one of my brochures. One of the first things I ever wrote about on the blog, way back in 2007.

  1. David in Marietta says:

    Like Pam, I too bought a used Sears toilet seat at an estate sale. Nice green color for my bath that matches perfectly. The lady at the checkout said “You wanna buy THAT?”. Needless to say, I got it cheap. When I brought it home, my wife looked at me with quite the expression. It cleaned up nice (yes that is what Lysol is for), looks great and original. So I support you Pam!

    1. Carolyn says:

      David in Marietta – if it had a pricetag on it or had been removed from the toilet, why wouldn’t you want to buy THAT? Isn’t that what “sale” means? Ach!

  2. tammyCA says:

    I’ve seen those seats too but didn’t know they were from the ’20s. Very cool Koehler catalog..I’m in love with that sink K-4915 with the gold tapered legs (there’s a hidden Hollywood regency/vintage Palm beach entity living within). ????

  3. Holland VanDieren says:

    If only manufacturers would offer marbleized plastic and glitter-flake laminate products again. Does Industry not know about our pent-up demand for such beauty?!?

    1. Andrea says:

      Holland, I am with you 100%. Your comment is the best thing I have ever read with regards to fancy toilet seats:

      “Does Industry not know about our pent-up demand for such beauty?!?”

  4. Markie says:

    Ohhh man I would soooo love that! I remember as a child being fascinated with the cracked ice table top and marbelized toilet seat my grandma had. Sure wish I had them now!

  5. Paul in Omaha says:

    I’ve seen electric guitars made from a similar material. People would jokingly refer to it as “Mother of Toiletseat.”

  6. ineffablespace says:

    The house up the street where my sitter lived had a lavender and black bathroom with one of these seats. I don’t remember what was which color, I mostly remember that she had doll toilet paper and tissue box covers crocheted out of lavender, black and white cotton thread.

  7. Carolyn says:

    Bemis owns the Church line and while they have quite the color selection, alas, none are marble-ized/pearlized.
    The closest to “fancy” that I’ve seen is in certain catalogs that offer starfish and sea horses or fish for about $80. They look cool with the lid up (which cats and dogs and little children just LOVE!) but then the scene is upside down when closed.

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