English Rose-vintage-style kitchen cabinets from John Lewis of Hungerford

red-white-vintage-style-kitchen-english-rose-john-lewisSince I first wrote about the English Rose-style wood kitchen cabinets made by John Lewis of Hungerford in the wee early days of the blog — 2008, there has been an explosion of interest in midcentury interior design. Online marketing has improved greatly, too. After yesterday’s story about Ondrea and James’ new kitchen using vintage aluminium English Rose cabinets, I went back to check for any updates to the John Lewis of Hungerford page and indeed, found several gorgeous new examples. Their PR team gave me permission to grab them for the blog, so here’s a look at some recent projects by the company. It’s interesting to see some of the contemporary design elements used — while at the same time, it’s undeniable that the underlying retro English Rose vibe is calling the shots. All those chrome recessed pulls!


creme-de-la-creme-john-lewis-of-hungerfordDigging into the website, I see these cabinets were introduced in 2005. While they have the look of vintage English Roses, I count them as an all-new brand since they were “inspired by” and are not marketed as reproductions per se.

And UPDATE: Get this: These are NOT metal. According to the PR team:

The Creme de la Creme range is made from specialist moisture resistant mediate board, with hard wood frames and European oak drawer boxes.

So: They come “off” our Encyclopedia of metal kitchen cabinet brands! Shows why a journalist (errr: me) cannot assume anything! I’m glad I finally asked!

But: Does show you can get the look of vintage metal kitchen cabinets using wood or MDF or etc.


These beauties are not likely to come inexpensively. From the website, it sounds like they are made-to-order.


For more information on Creme de la Creme kitchen cabinets from John Lewis of Hungerford:

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  1. Melissa Kaan says:

    I wonder if any enterprising cabinet makers in the U.S. would take these on! Since they are not made of metal but rather wood – I don’t see why they couldn’t be recreated… I love those handles – even just having that aspect on a cabinet would provide such character.

  2. TraceyC says:

    Oh yes…I agree about the Art Deco or even an Art Moderne(sp?) feel in a Tudor or even an Art Deco house or cottage.
    I like the curves. I don’t find much on Art Deco kitchens in modest homes. I think the Depression hindered the advancement of that type of style…no?

  3. Amy says:

    I love the show (I’m a nurse) – in fact my husband and I love the British shows. I never noticed the cabinets (too busy wiping tears from my eyes?) – but I’ll look for them the next time I watch the show. You are very observant!

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