The new addition to Kate and Jim’s house: Baby Coraline

kate-and-babySeveral readers have emailed to ask if I could provide an update on our beloved Katiedoodle and her baby on the way. Indeed, there’s good news to report: A happy, healthy addition to Kate and Jim’s life, their first child, Coraline  — Cora, for short.

Kates reports that she baby are doing great. Cora was born two weeks and one day late –at 9:14 p.m. on Kate and Jim’s seventh wedding anniversary — making her an October baby instead of a September baby. Specs: 7 lbs, 14 oz…. 20.75 inches long… with a 33 cm. head … and a full head of dark brown hair. Kate and Jim are already in love, despite being very tired.

Kate says:

Best advice we received we received: Sleep when baby sleeps. Other highlights: Cora smiled on day three and continues to smile especially when mommy and daddy are being silly and making faces! She’s very alert when she’s awake and loves to mimic faces we make. She is unphased by power tools (lots of drilling and some hammering when we put in the new wall oven and she slept right through it). Big brother Leo is adjusting well and has already mastered sniffing out poop diapers and protecting the baby from any delivery person, mailman, squirrels or other wildlife that comes too close to the house.


🙂 back at you, Kate. Congratulations again to you and Jim and welcome, Cora, to your mom’s crazy-in-a-good way mid mod crafty world! 😉

P.S., I miss you soooo much, Kate, personally and yes… I’m drowning over here without you! xoxox Pam

  1. Karen in Philly says:

    Best Wishes Katie and Jim! My 6 year old grand daughter is Cora. Love Love Love the name. When she was born the family was so smitten we called her Cora the Adora! You guys will have fun making up “pet names” in between short spirts of sleep!! Pam, we know you miss your beloved Katiedoodles and you are doing a fantastic job so don’t worry about weeks without newsletters. We love you and all you have done for us. Plus there are tons of topics we can revisit in your stash. Take care Katie and Jim and Pam and CORA!!

  2. Linda says:

    Congratulations on Baby Cora! I know you both will enjoy the crazy ride of parenthood! There is nothing else like it and I personally can’t imagine how my life would have been without my kids. They have enriched my life tremendously!
    I also want you, Pam, to know how much I enjoy reading all your newsletters. They will be read and enjoyed always! Just keep swimming my friend! XO

  3. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Such happy news, and such a cute baby! The only disappointment I have is that you didn’t name her “Corelle.” 🙂 Seriously, the name is older than the 1950s. I had a childhood friend, “Aunt” Cora Lynn, who had been my late grandmother’s childhood friend. They were both born in 1898. Since Grandma died before I was born, I got to know all about her life through “Aunt” Cora.

    Happy to hear you are following our advice and sleeping when the baby sleeps. And getting her used to construction sounds–and any sounds that are part of your normal household– is a good idea, too.

  4. Neil says:

    Just think, when Ms. Cora is in her maturity, what will then be considered vintage, quaint and charming…for the life of me I can’t think what styles and designs and objects from Now could ever merit that regard.

    1. Rick G says:

      Although people adapt their own taste & style, I truly think that being born into a stylish setting helps form ones path. Cool things & true classics never fade .

  5. Congratulations to Kate, Jim, and big brother, Leo! I know how that overdue thing works, and it’s not fun. My first was 15 days late, and all subsequent five were late, too, although thankfully, only by a few days! Yes, sleep whenever possible, and enjoy! 🙂

    1. Mary Elizabeth says:

      Yes, but a baby the size of Coraline was born at an absolutely perfect weight, so she wasn’t really “early” or “late.” She just came when she was grown enough. When we say a baby was some weeks early or some weeks late, we mean that we and our midwives or doctors miscalculated the due date. 🙂

  6. Retroski says:

    Huge huge congrats to you guys! Bet you are so happy to finally have sweet Cora in your arms. They aren’t wrong (entirely) when they call these the longest shortest years, as there are many moments when you’re sooo tired but also happy to see your baby bloom as she grows with each age and stage.
    Be Blessed!

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