A bathroom vanity made with Wilsonart’s patterned “Betty” laminate

bathroom vanity covered in wilsonart betty laminateWe’ve seen bathroom vanities from the 1950s and 1960s that were covered in patterned laminates, but today, most designers and other folk shy from making such a big statement / taking this design road less taken. So kudos to Barry, who used one of our favorite laminate patterns — Wilsonart’s Betty (a stock laminate, so you should be able to get it at a great price) — to cover the outside of his new bathroom vanity.

From Barry:

Pam: I thought you might like this 2015 project. 1952 original tiles re-grouted. Modwall Dots floor over original tile mosaic. Wilsonart Betty used on vanity and Formica #5349-58 on the countertop. Johnny Mica from Long Island made the vanity. The dimensions were the same as the Formica vanity I had made in 1990.

Best regards,


Thank you, Barry — nicely done!

bathroom vanity with wild laminate pattern

Above: One of my favorite bathroom vanities of all time, in Lynn’s house.

More examples of Wilsonart Betty in use in readers’ homes:

  • Lots of stories about Retro Renovators using Wilsonart Betty and her pink-toned cousin, Endorra, in their homes. See the stories here.

  1. Jean Benfante says:

    Beautiful! We built one with Wilsonart Field Daisy, sliding doors, flared legs, slanted front and as much chrome trim as we can get on it!

      1. Jean Benfante says:

        Not sure how to attach a pic here, but I believe I sent pics in and a little story was done on my bathroom. I’ll look for it!

    1. Barry says:

      The Formica color number is on Pams post. It was black edged at an angle. Johnny Mica from Long Island fabricated it. Email me at barryend @ AOL if you need more information.

  2. Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Off topic here. Did you know the “Visitor Posts” section of RR FB page hasn’t been functioning for several days?

    1. pam kueber says:

      I figured it out. Somehow, moderation got turned on. I didn’t do it!! I turned moderation off. All visitor posts now showing. Thanks for the ping that made me look into this!

  3. Markie says:

    So much talent and creativity in this group! I am inspired daily. We are midway through first bathroom renovation so I need the motivation!

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