Something new + something(s) old: Can you guess?

dishmaster-faucetThis ain’t no ordinary kitchen faucet. It’s something new that I hacked with something(s) old. Who can guess? I will cobble up a prize (don’t get too excited) for the first one who gets the answer 100% right. Longtime readers will have a better clue at figuring out where to start — but the answer is in stories already on the blog (here’s a good opportunity to learn to use the useful Search box at the top, if you haven’t already). Good luck. Back tomorrow with the full story.

  1. Bruce Groves says:

    The handles come from the M52. I just wish Dishmaster would do a retro run of these as they look way better than the M76 ones. They’re already doing re-runs of the vintage faceplates so here’s hoping. It was this blog that made me purchase a new M76 from the manufacturer and import it into NZ – where there is absolutely nothing like this on the market. I have since discovered that BJ Discounters in Orange County are selling all the parts for at least $2 cheaper than Dishmaster themselves!

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Dishmaster is doing a rerun of the vintage faceplates? That’s news to me — I’ll go check it out.

      I was the one who visited their factory in Indiana more than a few years, then blogged about all the vintage faceplates they had left in stock. The vintage faceplates then flew out the door like hotcakes! I continue to think: Instead of writing and researching I should have been buying and reselling — at twice the price! 🙂

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