New old stock Kohler bathtubs from the 1970s — Pink Champagne, Peachblow and more

Eight New Old Stock Kohler bath tubs — some still their crates — up for grabs on craiglist. (update: link long gone.) I’m thinking — 1970s-ish models — because the range of colors — from Avocado and Harvest Gold to Pink Champagne — rare!, Fresh Green, Peachblow and that very common Suez Tan. Thanks to Ross for this TGIF tip!

Above: A Seaforth 5′ tub in Fresh Green (I think). I also think I may have two sinks to match this!

But wait: Another green. and indeed, the seller tells me there are two different greens plus the avocado. But:  The Kohler color timeline does not show such a variety of greens from the 60s-80s era. Hmmmm.

Thanks also to the seller for permission to post all the back to the future photos. The seller tells me:

We are an auction company. We sold out a local store that had been in business since the 60s  … These were part  of his stock. 

Seems like there was a bidder, but then it didn’t work out.

I believe the tub in the foreground is Pink Champagne (lighting makes it look more lilac than pink), while the one at the far right is Peachblow.

Above: The Kohler Dynametric tub has been in the line a long, long time. I have one in my bathroom — installed 2003!

The stash is down in Arkansas. (update: link long gone.)

  1. Diana says:

    We have a 1971 Pink bathtub original from that time…its a very dusty soft pink not bright….does anyone know what the maker is or the color name? Thanks!

  2. Bluestocking1 says:

    Greetings Everyone.
    I’m a longtime follower of RR but this is my first post. I’m proud to report that, with considerable effort and husbandly persuasion, I took the U-Haul trip of a lifetime with my 10 year-old son to Gassville, AR to purchase two of these beauties: Champagne Pink and New Orleans Blue. They are gorgeous and without a scratch or patch of rust on them! The auction owners were wonderful people, and I enjoyed visiting with them almost as much as finding the tubs for our home remodel. I think they’ve figured out that the tubs are worth more than they’re asking, but despite a million callers, me and my son have been the only ones to show up. No pain no gain, as they say! Hint for any of interest: don’t call about these unless you’re serious. They can’t/won’t ship, and they’re an elderly couple that’s tired of getting a million calls and questions but no one ever shows up. But they do want them to go to a good home. My read-between-the-lines takeaway was that the original hardware store owners saved these for either when they would build a new home for themselves, or for their kids or grand kids. So ….. these warrant an extra measure of sentimental respect. I will post pictures when these are installed.

    Fun link: Pink Champagne was Kohler’s Centennial Anniversary Color. See this ad: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/454933999843180620/

    1. pam kueber says:

      Very cool, Bluestocking1, what a story of a lifetime. Be sure to take photos as you go and let me know how it’s going!

  3. mystere says:

    There are going to be several people getting blessed with the find. By the way, I saw something at several hardware stores: porcelain paint to restore old tubs and sinks. I saw it at Orchard, Lowes, Home Depot and Ace Hardware. If you have a vintage discontinued color tub or sink that needs reglazing, the company says it will mix the paint for you in the shade you ask for. You just pay for it at the store, go on line to fill out the necessary details, then wait for the company to ship you the paint in the color you ask for. Has anyone had any experience with this? I hope this helps. They don’t recommend using this paint on toilet bowls; it’s only meant for bathtubs and sinks. I’m due for reglazing my tub when the funds permit me to. I need to replace the drain assembly on my tub at the same time, but I’m a bit nervous about doing it. I don’t want to crack my Universal Rundle tub, and I’m concerned that the drain fittings might be a proprietary design on the U/R tub. I already dealt with replacement faucet nightmares when looking for a U/R stem and handle on their sinks and tubs. Some have told me I can buy a replacement drain assembly with no problem, but I’m concerned the pipe length measurements in the replacement drain kits might be a bit too short and cause a problem with the drain mechanisms. My tub looks like it’s slightly deeper than most tubs.

    1. mystere says:

      By the way, I look forward to reading if anyone here gets a hold of one of these tubs. All those colors look fabulous! And if anyone has experience with the porcelain paint I mentioned, I’m curious to read about it as well.

    2. pam kueber says:

      Hi Mystere, I am not an expert on any of the things you discuss — I recommend you talk to experts. Be aware I did a big story last year about lead hazards in old tubs, sinks and tile – get with your own properly licensed professionals to assess what you are working with so you can make informed decisions how to handle – story is here: https://retrorenovation.com/2016/05/02/understanding-potential-lead-hazards-old-porcelain-enamel-bathtubs-sinks-ceramic-tile-any-age/#ixzz47UvHcM00

  4. Paul says:

    From the crates these appear to be the cast iron versions. The steel ones were packed in cardboard boxes. I worked for a plumbing supply wholesale in the early to mid 70’s and we hated dealing with these in the warehouse or on delivery. The weight and mass of these make them very awkward to work with. Never mind the constant reminders that if we dropped them the enamel would/could chip and they were rendered unsaleable. To this day love the colors.

  5. Beth says:

    The pink tub (not in a crate) next to the seafoam green (in a crate) looks just like my current tub. Ours is original to the house which was built in 1954. Our fixtures are pink with two shades of green bakelite tile on the walls and pale green and white diamond tile on the floor. Sadly when the sink and toilet had to be replaced we did not have access to vintage fixtures, but I am planning on re-replacing the new items with vintage/reproduction soon!

  6. Joe Felice says:

    Are you even sure these tubs aren’t recent? The way people are using bright colors today (YAY!), they could be new for all we know.

    Yesterday, I went to Bob’s Warehouse to leave some donations, and someone had just dropped off avocado bathroom fixtures. I immediately thought of Retro Renovations, and I told him, someone is going to really want those.

    Avocado, however, was not my favorite of the ’70s colors, even though the kitchen in my first home had avocado appliances, and the carpet and drapes in the living room were variegated green. I didn’t choose them, just bought the home. The bedroom was lavender with red carpet. The living room, I redecorated in shades of peach (1980).

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