Retro shower decals with the vintage etched glass look

mermaid shower doorDo you want the look of a vintage etched glass shower door, but easy? Reader Tami found this source– etchedlookglassdecals.com — for decals that mimic vintage favorite designs like herons, fish, and mermaids. So fun!

(Edited) Tami wrote:
Hi Pam,
I hope you are well – I’m sure super busy. Finally, after a long and exhaustive search, including your blog….it would appear that I’ve located reasonably close retro style designs for shower doors, etc.
Of course, these are actually full coverage decals, so much more affordable than actual etching, but they are adhesive backed and exterior grade film. Pretty affordable – a 24″ x 72″ shower door decal priced in their pricing calculator online would run a little over $100. 
I think this is going to be my solution and I’ll put them on a new shower door in my Hall Mack bathroom when the time comes. 
It looks like all designs are available in regular etch, or reverse etch. They do custom work as well, and can embed elements from one design into others.
The main index is below (with online pricing calculator): Window Decals Etched Window Decal Etched Window Decorating
Have fun perusing!
Tappan Trailer Tami – T3 
Thanks, Tami!
Note, I talked to the owner of the site to get permission to show a photo. He mentioned that he also does sandblasting of glass — but only locally — Ormond Beach, Florida, area — given the fragility of large pieces of glass. Info on his sandblasting services is here.

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  1. Kathy says:

    I have cut and pieced together my own patterns in window film, but it does take some patience to do so. Did pansies, leaves and ribbons in the bedroom, cutwork border with a hole punch in the bath, checkerboard in the hall and a sort of free-form 70’s style landscape with big sun/moon in my son’s room over 4 large windows. Worked well for us, and the neighbors liked how it looked on the outside!

  2. Marie Gamalski says:

    Edit… forgot to mention…. use an exacto knife to cut out your design, THEN apply etching cream… sorry …. silly me…

  3. Marie Gamalski says:

    Another option that I’ve used is etching them yourself… I drew my design on clear contact paper, adheared it (use an old credit card to adhear and a pin plus card for bubbles) cover thickly w/etching cream (leave on AT LEAST 30 min) wash and …. viola… etched glass! I’ve successfully used it on glass and mirrors. I emphasize 30 min because the directions say 10-15, not nearly long enough….

  4. Bobbie says:

    I’ve also heard of people who do a chemical etching that is cheaper than traditional, allowing you to do a stencil of your choice. I hung a stained glass window in my bathroom as a window treatment and it left part of the window above and below it exposed so for privacy I “etched” those sections of window with translucent contact paper — hoping that lasts. These are neat – I’ve seen fancy window film in stores, but not these.

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