Versa-Tile by Universal Rundle — vitreous china counter top and sink combination — 7 colors

Just when I thought I’d seen everything: Stephanie discovers a stash of 1958 Universal Rundle Versa-Tiles — in seven delicious midcentury colors — in her hardware store warehouse full of new old stock. The Versa-Tile idea: Flank your Universal Rundle tile-in sink with just four of these large format tiles to create a bathroom vanity counter top that blends almost seamlessly with the sink. And, the Versa-Tile isn’t plain old ceramic tile — it’s made of vitreous china, just like the sink. As long as you don’t scratch that shiny surface, you were likely good to do for decades. Like I said, I’ve never seen this before — what a find — it goes straight into our woddity archive.

Look closely and it appears the Versa-Tiles came bullnosed on the front apron of the tile, as well as bullnosed around the corner and shorter side edge, in case you wanted to make a stand-alone vanity.

Stephanie wrote:

Came across these today. Never seen anything like it. Made by UR. 6 different colors. You create your own countertops. These are called Versa-Tile. Have you ever seen these? Backs are stamped with 1958 dates. Each piece is 18 x 6 inches.

Tricky because you’ll need to find the exact correct sink to match this with for this to work.

Where to watch for the Universal Rundle Versa-Tiles when they go on sale:


  1. Bill says:

    You may be able to find those old sinks, commodes and tubs at a local plumbing supply house that’s been in business for decades. Plumbers had a practice of leaving old re-usable fixtures in a corner of their yard in case someone needed one just like it. I don’t know if the tradesmen still do that but is worth a shot.

    1. Jennie says:

      Bill Growing up, my Dad the plumber brought all those perfectly good toilets he was replacing back to the farm and stored them in an old corn crib!

  2. linoleummy says:

    The new Holy Grail! I love how wall-mounted sinks show so much beautiful porcelain and tile-ins still show a lot but can integrate cabinets. With this you can have your sherbet too. Yum!

  3. sherree says:

    What a great find! I also have Universal Rundle bathrooms in my 1953 ranch. One is peachy/ beige and the other was verdant green. Sadly the green one had to be updated in 2015. The sink went to another RR reader and the toilet was sold online to another mid-century enthusiast. You just cant beat the pretty colored bathrooms from this era.

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