Albert van Luit 1964 “Du Barry” vintage wallpaper designed by John Leigh Spath

With just one corner of the dining room left, I ran out of leopard print fabric to cover the walls above the wainscoting in my Mahalo Lounge. Scouring my stash — no: It’s a hoard, and I’m not apologizing, because it came through for me! — of vintage wallpaper rolls collected over the past 15 years, I came across 21 linear feet of this 1964 paper — “Du Barry” by John Leigh Spath for Albert van Luit. So excited! The colors — gold, reddish bronze, and dark brown — are perfect — and I’ve always wanted to get some vintage metallic wallpaper into the house. 

I carefully measured, cut, and staple-gunned. There was just enough. Hey, I even did a plumb line thingy with some twine. So the lines look straight. “soproud”

Although my punch list is probably still 50 items long, the Mahalo Lounge is really getting there. If I get time, I may try to make a little video this weekend. For now, enjoy the continued sneak peeks.

I have company coming this weekend, and I need to clean the darned house, get food, study Mai Tai recipes — and keep getting and staging accessories into the lounge to keep dialing up the krazy. 

I’ll be back on the blog July 5. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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