Ceramic tile in 75 colors and lots of shapes from Modwalls Tile

Thanks to Cindy for this tip: Modwalls, which made its name selling glass tile, now also offers ceramic glazed tile in lots of shapes — including 4″x4″ field tiles — in 75 colors, including some pastels suitable for a midcentury restoration bathroom or kitchen (check with Modwalls for specifications for usage).

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  1. ineffablespace says:

    This is great. One thing to keep in mind os that this 4×4 tile appears to be actually 4×4 but much “4 inch square tile” is 4.25 × 4.25.

  2. Evan says:

    Wow Pam, thanks for this ! Very soon we’ll be looking to choose tile for our bathroom (and kitchen) in our restoration of the 1947 rancher we bought. Very timely!

  3. yellow says:

    I’ll check that list, too, Pam! We need to find a good match for our ’54 Blue/Green deep “Seaglass” colored tile/tub+toilet. Currently there is white “pepper” tile on the wall, and white paint that you can tell used to be blue. We’d love to get it back to all “seaglass”, but it’s not easy to match. This is the first tile sample article so far that looks promising. I just ordered a sample of the Opaline!

  4. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Petal and cool gray! That’s what I want when I replace my plastic tile with ceramic. Some day. After I win the lottery or am no longer having to travel to Iceland to see grandbabies.

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