Kohler Triton three-pointed atomic sink handles

Following my recent story about Kohler Triton bathroom faucets — in production for 76 years, since 1941 — super-reader ineffablespace sent several photos of the Triton — with the three-pointed I’ll-call-them “atomic” handles. 

He points out that the photo above is actually a “trifecta shot of a Hall-Mack recessed cup/soap holder, the Triton faucet, Lightolier globes (and Formica Onyx, I think).” (That would make it a … quadfecta, wouldn’t it?) The bathroom is his parents’, installed in 1959, wallpaper updated in the 1980s, and is still in place. Meanwhile, I thought to look, and golly, you can get the three-pointed handles as reproductions on ebay; affiliate links:

Thanks, ineffable!

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  1. ineffablespace says:

    Actually everything in both bathrooms is 1969 except the wallcoverings, if you want to revise that ☺

  2. Rick S says:

    I have seen these faucets/handles in my local hospitals, in the older areas. They also seem to be common in schools around here. They show up on wall hung sinks.

  3. Nina462 says:

    nice….but your notes state the wallpaper was updated in the “1908’s”…are you sure you don’t mean the 1980’s?

  4. Ranchy says:

    The atomic handles linked to are not NOS – they are modern reproductions. It states so in the listing. I also emailed the seller some time ago and he confirmed they are not original pieces.

  5. Carolyn says:

    I had two issues with these faucets – soapy residue caused my hands to slip when turning the handles (water temp adjustments) and boy! that smarted getting gouged! And, why do men crank things so tight when all the faucets needed to stop was to turn them snug?! I bet more repairs to the handles had to do with stripping out the teeth.
    But you can’t beat them for style!

  6. Maggie says:

    THANK YOU! I have this faucet set in my 1963 ranch, and was afraid I would have to replace them. The plumbing is odd (maybe because it is a wide spread set?) and leaking steadily. We checked with all our local plumbing supply stores and they had nothing that would work with our handles. I refused to replace them, and have a bucket under the sink. Since seeing this, I ordered one of the new Triton sets and they fit! I’m thrilled!

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