Burnt blue Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets — what a lovely color

What a lovely color — burnt blue, I’ll call it — in these vintage Youngstown steel kitchen cabinets for sale on craigslist in metro St. Louis. I don’t think we’ve ever seen this color in the wild. It’s makin’ me feel bicentennial chic. Thanks to ready Wendy for the tip, and to seller K, who gave me permission to capture these photos for our leetle online museum here.

There are quite a few cabinets, and they look to be in pretty good shape…

Above: Corner what-not shelves — we always love to see those.

The stainless steel tiles look good as a backsplash!

Always good to have a pantry cabinet.

And two more for in the corner.

steel-kitchen cabinets

I haven’t said it for a while so it’s surely time to say it again: All The Best Stuff’s In St. Louis!

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  1. Debbie in Portland says:

    Those boomerang handles and that floor scream mid-50’s to me. Save these beauties and replace the butcher block with a Retro Renovation Aqua Ripple countertop. I love a blue kitchen!!

  2. Kathy says:

    I wish I could see the whole kitchen!

    I’m accenting my Mamie pink kitchen with a ceiling and some touches of a lighter version of this sort of color, with some patches of the darker color. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, and all of a sudden I can find this sort of toned down teal/aqua that my mother had in her kitchen back when, and I have found underneath my kitchen trim. Although aqua and turquoise have been popular a while now, it was always not greyed down enough for what I wanted.

    My painter thinks I’m nuts to paint the ceiling a color but I know it is going to look great.

  3. Karin says:

    I’m wondering if they made kitchen canisters in Meridian Blue as well. I was on my local seller site Kijiji and noticed several burnt edge metal kitchen canister sets in these burnt edge or ombre colorways. I saw cocoa brown, avocado and burnt orange canisters. So your kitchen could be matchy-matchy with the look-appliances, cabinets, the whole enchilada. I guess the look caught on like wildfire, lol.

  4. Felicia Alexander says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous color! Those 80s-ish woodgrain laminate countertops don’t do the cabinets justice, though. Maybe something pinkish, like Formica Carrara Envision? Or one of Retro Renovation’s own Wilsonart boomerang patterns?

  5. la573 says:

    There’s also somebody on CL selling a new-old-stock, still-in-the-original-box 1960s blue GE/Hotpoint pushbutton cooktop that would look perfect with these cabinets. How often do you see unused vintage major appliances? The metal frame bezel shown underneath the cooktop would surround the pushbuttons when installed and meet with the horizontal surface.


    I’m quite smitten by this little cooktop! I like how it looks to be a compact, space-saving 24″ wide stovetop, yet by not needing space on top for the usual four knobs, allows just as much usable space for pots and pans as a typical 30″ wide cooktop with the rightmost 6″ used for a row of knobs.

      1. la573 says:

        I didn’t even notice that! It *is* amazing how many stovetops I’ve used that don’t make it obvious which control turns on which grate.

  6. Diane in CO says:

    This color looks a lot like Russel Wright’s American Modern dinnerware — color Seafoam. If anyone else has this dinnerware, do you agree? It’s my favorite AM glaze. Great cabinets!

    Are the edges of these cabinets actually a darker color? To me it looks like shadows or light play….., not a finishing technique.

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