A bunch of New Old Stock Electro Sink Centers for sale !

It’s a great day when you learn about a bunch of New Old Stock 1963 Electro Sink Centers for sale, and you can spread the news far and wide. Spreading the news far and wide: Reader Joan tipped me that there are a bunch of New Old Stock Electro Sink Centers for sale at Hippo Hardware in Portland, Oregon. I called owner Steven Miller. He confirmed the tip — sent photos — and gave me the back story.

“Most are in semi deep storage but can be reached pretty easily” — Steven

Steven said that he’s had the NOS Electro Sink Centers for three years now. He acquired 15 when a friend tipped him to a small town plumbing contractor’s place in central Washington that was closed up 30 years ago. The hunka hunka Electro Sinks were among the stash, and they are the only things Steven bought.

Steven has original paperwork indicating their 1963 sales price was $823.

Today, Hippo Hardware has about eight Electro Sink Centers left, Steven says. They come with the transformer and many of the accessories, except for the glass bowl, I think Steven told me. Please clarify all this with him if you scoot to buy one — my notes are a bit sketchy. Suffice to say: I don’t think opportunities like this will come up very often anymore. 

Sales price is $600, plus shipping and tax, as required.

We saw our first Electro Sink Center in 2011:

GE introduced the Partio Cart in 1960.

This kitchen faucet / food processor / blender / ice cream maker / whipping thingie / sterilizer / [what else] surely must be — along with the GE Partio Cart introduced in 1960 — the creme de la creme of home appliance innovation in the early 1960s. I’ll say that the Electro Sink Center even tops the Partio Cart. While the Partio Cart combines several appliances into one, the Electro Sink Center appears to have required significant new invention — it is SO COMPLICATED. It is Magnificent!

Note, of course, dear readers, that old products like this may not be up to code or meet current material standards; get with a pro to assess what you are dealing with so you can make informed decisions — Be Safe/Renovate Safe.

Thank you, Joan, for this fantastic tip!

Who’s gonna raid the piggy bank to get one?

Link love, where you can get contact info: Hippo Hardware

  1. Randy says:

    I recently found one of these electro sink centers while cleaning out my dad’s 45 year old plumbing shop. It is still in the original packing and never used. I think it probably belonged to my grandparents and was never installed. It is the model 500 and has the glass bowl. I don’t believe it has the transformer. I will be having a plumbing shop close-out sale this spring and try and sell it.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Randy, you might want to consider putting this on ebay, as lots of readers may be interested. No buying/selling here on the blog, or else it would become chaos. But if and when you have the unit ready for sale, please feel free to post the link here so’s eager readers can take a stab at it. Many thanks!

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