Six gorgeous vintage bar stools — color color give us color!

Six gorgeous vintage barstools in a gorgeous bouquet of midcentury colors — I’ve never seen a set quite like this, and the seller says they are in great shape.

I’d build an entire bar around these — if I didn’t just built a bar!

The delightful shape of the stools including the statement-making drum-shaped seats…

… The black metal legs set off by the mill-finish steel footrest …

… The fact ya get six count ’em six stools in five colors…

… and oh my, the black- AND gold-jaspe-slubbed vinyl upholstery with black piping (click photos and they will enlarge on screen on a desktop so’s you can see what I’m talking about):  Fabulous! The designer of these bar stools had it goin’ on!

The listing says:

For your consideration is this fabulous set of 6 vintage Mid Century swivel bar stools. All 6  stools are in excellent condition with no rips or repairs. Outstanding vinyl seats and backs and black metal tubing legs.  Delivery available for a small fee in the Chicagoland area or we can assist you shipper of choice or pick up in our warehouse 15 miles outside Chicago. Please ask questions if interested and see our other mid century, industrial and vintage listings.  Thanks for looking.

Click here >> Wonderful vintage bar stools << to see more photos and info on these stools for sale right now in Chicagoland. Note I get a small commission if you buy anything after clicking in via the link. Thanks to seller John for giving me permission to feature this set!

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  1. Carolyn says:

    First thing I thought of was “Jetsons”! I wondered about the seam on the seats but it makes a whole heckuvalot more sense to have it towards the front when you’d always see the back of the stool.
    Too bad there’s no history/provenance/back story – the shape they’re in and the varied colors makes me think showroom floor samples?

  2. Felicia Alexander says:

    So magnificent! So Sixties-colorful, and the condition of the upholstery is to marvel at. And how ’bout that vintage stereo receiver in the second photo? Bring on the martinis, the little black dresses, and the Henry Mancini music!

  3. Paula says:

    It is extremely rare to find 6. They were sold in pairs so it is quite common to find 2, sometimes 4, but 6 that match are hard to find. It took me 2 years of constant obsessive searching to find mine. Oddly enough, they came from the same area.

  4. Scott says:

    That’s the sort of find that would have a person re-imagining their entire basement into a gigantic lounge area just to use them. And such a rich color palette as only the 1950s could give us, completely uncategorizable as a bright, pastel, or neutral.

  5. Robert says:

    By the way I see a roof sealant called Through The Roof is being advertised on your site. IT IS GREAT! I used this stuff on several places on my roof–vent penetration, the chimney and anywhere else I needed to glue down asphalt shingles to each other or to metal, etc. I highly recommend it.

  6. Joe says:

    Where do people keep these things? I mean, do they have a storage unit somewhere in which they stash away vintage goodies, hoping someday they’ll spring them on us? It’s amazing to me that so-many people still have vintage items to tempt us.

  7. Ilkin says:

    Hi, is there a possibility to get this stools to Berlin? They would be perfect for the bar we design. Thank you.

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