The most timeless bathroom floor tile ever: 4″ white hexagon

Is 4″ white hexagon tile, specified for floors, the most timeless modern bathroom floor tile ever? I declare: Yes, it is. And it’s not easy to find today: Above, from Classic Tile New York.

Why do these 4″ hex tiles make my very-hard-to-achieve “modern-era timeless” list?

  • Remember: My modern-era timeless era starts after World War II. That’s when the way we live in America — in terms of the interior of our homes and the main products in them — shifted dramatically. Since then, the new modern basics — indoor plumbing, electricity, fitted kitchens — have not changed that much.
  • My modern-timeless list tends to include products that would fit in any decade thereafter. To “fit” that means they generally haven’t been insanely “in” style — or “out” of style. They have not generally been — ack! — that word to run screaming from: “trendy”.
  • 4″ (ish) square ceramic field tiles, including in light pastels, are timeless for bathroom walls. If you really want to hedge decades, go for ivory, bone, rose beige, or light grey. 
  • And now I declare: 4″ hex floor tiles are timeless for floors. I really like the hex for floors better than squares because the hex gives the floors a bit of motion. Use a concrete-colored gray grout or darker to hide the dirt.
  • Note: When specifying floor tile, consult with experts to make sure the tile you want is specified for floors. Flooring has its own particular specifications, I believe; I am not the expert.

Update: Thanks to reader TK, who also spotted 3.75″ white porcelain hex tiles from Merola via Home Depot — great price — super easy to access:

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  1. Karen Johnson says:

    Just bought a 1959 rambler. Cutom built at the time. Four and a half baths, every one with hex tile on the floor and vanities: wood brown, green and pink. I fear replacements will be impossible, and we’ll have to settle for substitution.

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