On the 3rd day of Kitschmas, I finished the new sweater I had going for Astro. His old one was worn out, and about a week ago I pulled it apart to make into a pattern for this one. Everything was all over my side of the dining room table. So, next on my list, and also to avoid starting on the rest of the grasscloth-papered ceiling, which is torturing me with its call and beckon, I finished my guy’s sweater.

I don’t want to brag: But I did a pretty crummy job on this particular project.

Also: He is not very happy about it.

All that said, when I walk him in town, everybody oohs and ahhs about his sweaters, allowing me to demure, Oh thank you, I made it. 

And, I cleaned off the dining room table, which will make DH very happy. Above: Anne Taintor knows how I roll.

The sweater even has a button thingie, which I innovated umm to get the collar to cinch around him better. 

The wool is felted — I took an old sweater, threw it in the washer on hot, then dried it on hot, to shrink up the wool real tight. Once it’s felted like that, you can cut it and the ends don’t fray, although I typically do blanket stitch some parts for extra strength and because it looks good and because it’s very relaxing to blanket stitch.

As I recall, I kinda made this pattern up by trial and error. I stitch everything together with yarn. I am quite proud of how I used the cuff-ends to create the sleeves for his front legs.

Oh I also had started on this project, when, shopping at Target for those highly coveted pink deer, I also impulse-purchased this ugly Christmas sweater for Astro. Alas, choosing the size by weight, I bought a small and it was ridiculously small. I will give it to my friend Deborah, who has an even smaller schnauzer.

Please note, and I am sorry if this is going to stir up a controversy, but I am very pro-ugly Christmas sweaters. I don’t actually own one, and now neither does my dog. But I think they are wonderful.

Meanwhile, sweetie Georgia Peachez surprised me with this miniature schnauzer all decked out in Kitschmas, to thank me for doing the wreath giveaway for so many years now. She shows how: You can kitschmas anything!

Congrats to Heather, who won this year’s wreath — Suzy sent it immediately on its way.

That’s Astro checking out his doppelganger. Astro is going to the beauty salon this weekend. You’d think I’d comb him out for his photo op.

I will also point out that on Day 3 (yesterday) I also made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. 

What else can I do to avoid that ceiling? Stay tuned for Day 4, and you will see!

  1. Nancy says:

    It is obvious that Astro has some major ‘tude and I’m loving it! You are getting serious side-eye shade in that first pic. But, pup is looking good in his cozy new duds.

  2. Carol says:

    Loved this story and Astro. HaHa, you cleaned off “your” side of the dining room table! Pam, you definitely picked the right fabric for that sofa, the agony and the ecstasy. I’m so in love with that rug. Your house must be a fun place to be. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Oh, poor puppy…is he baring his teeth and growling in the on the floor angle?
    Somehow I don’t see canine couture in your future, Pam, even with the button detail.

  4. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Love your doggie sweater project, and I was thinking, could you do other things with the felted wool sweaters–think sofa pillow covers, appliance covers, little people sweaters.

  5. Sandra Kallander says:

    I have a ceramic twin of your bookend, not as a bookend. I’m pretty sure I got it at “the five and dime,” in the early sixties with my baby-sitting money (50 cents per hour).

  6. Maggie says:


    Tell Astro that my MacTaggart has been wearing his “ugly Christmas sweater” during this cold snap here in Michigan. He also says that Astro is not being very grateful to the human who loved him enough to create something that sorta fits and keeps him warm. He is used to being dressed up — last summer I took him to PetSmart wearing his flowered Hawaiian shirt and several other customers tried to but it right off his back. MacTaggart sez that pooches who are so loved and cosseted should not cop a ‘tude.

    Hey, don’t blame me. I am just the typist here.

    Warm hugs,
    Maggie & MacTaggart
    Me & my Service Dog

  7. Carolyn says:

    I went to a sweater mitten class – you shrink sweaters like Pam said, and make mittens out of the felted “fabric”. If you think ahead, you can use the cuffs as the cuffs. Also line with fleece or flannel. A few of the ladies said their sweaters were ruined or damaged family keepsakes that they couldn’t repair but thought this would be a great idea to re-purpose them to have as reminders.

  8. Scott says:

    Caption for photo one: “Mooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm!”

    He’s adorable, and without a doubt the most expertly color-coordinated dog I’ve ever seen.

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