Another random block mosaic floor tile good for a midcentury modern bathroom

Based on lots of reader questions coming in recently, I’ve been on a bender researching bathroom floor tiles. These random block porcelain mosaic floor tiles from GlassTileStone look like they could work well in a midcentury modern bathroom in a house that is being given a contemporary twist. Not in a midcentury modest or a faithful midcentury modern restoration, though, I think — because it looks like the 2″ x 2″ tiles have a metallic sheen. 

Random block mosaic floor tile — one of my favorite bathroom flooring styles! I favor the White Versailles, with medium-gray grout. If I had an earthy happening 70s pad, you might get me to consider the Earth. 

midcentury tile pattern
Nicole’s project

“The meaning of insanity or dedication?”

I also liked inspecting the GlassTileStone Versailles tile design because it shows how to combine 2x2s and 1x1s. There are no 1x2s. Moving forward I am adding to my list to research and if I can really get my act together, test, how to put together your own random block designs mixing and matching tiles from all the different makers.

That is: Different tile makers have different colors, different materials, different sizes, and different finishes, of small tiles that could potentially be remixed together into new random block color combinations. Can I really get them to fit together? If so, this could offer intrepid Retro Renovators more color possibilities for their bathrooms.  

*sometherapy* for sure, to piece together your own mosaics. But we did have one reader — Nicole — who bought different sized sheets of Daltile tiles and put them together in a random block design in order to avoid the 10-week lead time if you use the Daltile Mosaic Pattern Designer. Insanity or dedication? That’s her quote, above. Gold stars to Nicole for both effort and execution!


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  1. Elizabeth Hicks says:

    My tiles look very much like above mosaic , but are pale gold with light brown flecks around edges.

  2. Felicia Alexander says:

    Nicole’s pattern is beautiful and eye-catching. I am in awe of all of you who have the patience and dedication to design your own mosaic tile patterns (and even install and grout it all by yourselves)! But back in Retro-Renovation-for-the-Lazy-and-All-Thumbs-Land, I’m thrilled that my Merola University Beige arrived last week for the master bath floor in our time-capsule 1962 ranch, and with a mere 24 sf I’m looking forward to the tile guy installing it in a few weeks for an affordable $350! We’re planning to go with a medium-sand colored grout; not exactly historically-appropriate white, but just right for camouflaging the New Mexico dust. There’s nothing like the feel of textured mosaic tile under your feet when you step out of the shower and off the bathmat. Can’t wait! (We may splurge for Merola’s non-mosaic porcelain Caprice Pastel Topaz for the slightly larger hall bathroom–the octagon/hexagon pattern should look great with the Kohler Tahoe sink in Suez Tan–but we’ll wait to see how the University Beige installation looks in the other bath before making a final decision.)

  3. Melissa says:

    I found a good option on Wayfair, similar to the Merola tile found in an earlier story. Called ‘Academy’ by ‘EliteTile.’ Was needing something to replace a trendy river rock floor a house flipper used before he sold me the house… I really wish I had seen it before he did the remodel, as the neighbor told me the original owners hadn’t done much to it since 1958. I am thrilled, however, that he left all the original windows, mid century random stone block fireplace and carport (!), original floor in the downstairs sea foam green bathroom (so I know my new tile matches what once was likely there), and original vanity in my Mamie pink bathroom.

  4. Mary Elizabeth says:

    I love Nicole’s floor, but I must say that the 10-week lead time doesn’t seem so bad when I consider how long it would take me to make my own pattern and lay it down.

  5. Lisa Compo says:

    It would be like OCD me to buy the white, then try to paint the little 1x1s in pink to match my Gracelynn and toilet. 😉 Glad the bathroom is traditional size. I probably won’t do it, but I can keep the idea in the back of my “I don’t care if it takes forever as long as it turns out great” mind.
    Thanks for always posting the latest finds.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Go to the story about Nicole’s project (brite bold blue links are hotlinks_ — there is an image in it that you can enlarge on screen with that info.

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