Wilsonart Betty and Endora laminate designs — now available in their Virtual Design Library

Good news: Wilsonart’s Betty and Endora, proven favorites among Retro Renovators, are now available again via the company’s Virtual Design Library.

Meet the “Betty” of Betty’s Wilsonart laminate. I loved getting this story!!!

These two laminate designs — available for several years as “stock” laminates were loved for their midcentury modern-like biomorphic designs and because they used real colors: aqua and pink! We also loved them because they were “stock” laminates — made via mass production using deco paper and available at off-the-shelf laminate prices.

Nancy used Wilsonart’s Betty laminate on her kitchen countertops

I am presuming sales were not robust enough for Wilsonart to justify continuing mass production. But good news: They were successful in moving this to their made-to-order Virtual Design Library.

retro pink bathroom
Chris used Wilsonart Endora to top her bathroom vanity.

Prices will be higher than stock laminate, but that’s the cost of having non-mass-market tastes. Some more good news: Wilsonart tells me that these two laminates also will be sold straight from Home Depot online shortly. 

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  1. linoleummy says:

    i don’t get why Wilsonart dealers, like countertop makers, don’t even know about the VDL. Only professional designers and Pam’s readers…?

  2. Carolyn says:

    What drew me to these two designs is that they are true to the era while being palatable to the current trends. While we in the RR Nation love us our boomerangs, they don’t appeal to everyone because vintage laminate is “dated”. And that’s where Betty & Endora come in. They update without looking goofy or not-quite-right.
    I would not want to endure the expense and upkeep of today’s fascination with stone, concrete, and stainless only to look at the result one day and finally figure out what’s wrong with it being in certain homes. MCm’s wouldn’t have been able to afford high end countertops and they also needed to take constant abuse. Even when touring houses that weren’t kept up for maybe the last couple of decades, the materials pretty much only needed a bit of Spic ‘n’ Span and good old-fashioned elbow grease to bring them back.

  3. Lynn says:

    I noticed they weren’t on the wall with the other laminate samples anymore. Hopefully the ordering of this is easier than the experience I had. I tried and tried to order something from the Virtual Design Library at Home Depot and got the runaround. No one would call me back and I couldn’t find another place where Wilsonart said I could order. I finally ended up finding a gold glitter at the ReStore for one bathroom and ordering a stock Cararra or Calcutta marble laminate (can’t remember which one) for the other, which ended up looking amazing with my blue sink so I’m happy. I still wish they made it easier because there are so many amazing designs in the Virtual Design Library and they send you wonderful giant samples!

  4. Barbara says:

    Pamela, hows the quality? Have you gotten any feedback from buyers?
    Are the samples free?
    I can’t wait for Home Depot start stocking this beautiful laminate. You can even save on S&H cost.
    What about maintenance?
    Thanks so much for the info Pamela!

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Barbara, yes the samples are free. Re quality and maintenance, talk to Wilsonart. Note, I don’t encourage reviews here because I don’t know who may be making them.

    2. Nikki says:

      Wilsonart provides free samples from their website, and in fairly large pieces (5 in by 8 in or so) so that you can get a good idea of a pattern. I used Endora for a half bath last summer. It looks great, and is easy to take care of.

    3. Elizabeth from Central PA says:

      Coincidentally, I ordered this last week and it arrrived today. It is fine weave texture. It feels so smooth and exactly what I was looking for to replace my vintage white glitter Formica (sniffle). I love this texture as the other laminate samples are a bit rougher.

        1. Elizabeth from Central PA says:

          VDL. I was surprised to see it in there so I immediately ordered my samples. I have been testing it with soy sauce, balsamic….no staining after wiping with water. Looking good! It looks terrific too with my soon to be St Charles Holiday Turquoise cabinets (technically RAL 6027). They are at powder coaters now (we spent January doing a sample cabinet). Not sure what countertop we will do yet but Betty is a great option for this color cabinet.

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