Levitt steel kitchen cabinets — 87th brand of metal kitchen cabinets discovered in Levittown!

levittown kitchenKudos to reader Joel, who spotted this rare find: A complete set of Levitt steel kitchen cabinets for sale on ebay in — yes: Levittown, New York. This makes at least 81 brands of vintage metal kitchen cabinets — almost all of them steel — in my master list. 10+ years of Retro Renovation, and we’re still discovering things — woot!

But what? UPDATE:

tracy kitchen cabinets loco

Overnight I received photos of the logo on these cabinets — and howdy hudee, they are Tracy steel kitchen cabinets — not “Levitt” brand. We already had Tracy on our list — so, we are back to 86! Interesting to know that these were the featured cabinets in Levittown houses in New York in any case!

original kitchen cabinets in levittown houseThere are a lot of cabinets!

levittown kitchen

Thanks to ebay seller jdiior01 for permission to show the photos.

Link love:

Thank you, Joel — awesome discovery!!!!

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