Mattel reintroduces Barbie’s 1962 Dream House® including a Barbie to go with — mine is on the way!

Barbie’s 1962 Dream House® — is back. I just found out. And I just ordered mine, via Amazon. Hey: It ALSO includes the Barbie!  Note: Links in this story are Amazon affiliate links, meaning, if ya click and buy I earn a small commission (currently all going toward weebit’s law school fund — Mom so proud!)

I visited my longtime friend Pat Henry, publisher of Fashion Doll Quarterly, this past weekend, and she told me about this product revival — and, she also had one in hand for us to play with.  

As longtime readers may know, Barbie was quite a figure in my life. I loved the dolls and played with Barbie, Skipper, Midge — and all their houses an cars — avidly ’til I was like… 13. Oh. Ken, too. But frankly: Ken was always … an afterthought. 

Topping on the cake: I was born same year as Barbie — I am 17 days older  — and we have marked every major birthday together since. 

The 1962 Dream House is a cardboard marvel genius product. It is completely self-contained and portable…. It includes “Slim-line” midcentury modern furniture, also cardboard-engineered, that you put together … And you get a Barbie. But not just any Barbies: She’s also a 1960s design, including a 1960s dress. 

On Mattel’s Barbie blog, Barbie® Signature Principal Designer Bill Greening provided some history on the House and on the project: 

Barbie® debuted in 1959, but she didn’t move into her first Dream House until three years later, in 1962….

They were only able to find one sample in their archives with the furniture still unassembled, but that was enough. They scanned the “sheets” with the furniture and sent them out for development….

[The doll that comes with the house is] a vintage blonde ponytail Barbie, wearing a floral PAK sheath dress collectors know as ‘On the Go’ from that original Dream House era…. That makes the reproduction of the Dream House even more special, since the doll was sold separately back in the 1960s.

I am pretty darned excited to get my own 1962 Dream House.

  • You can get yours, too, on Amazon here

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  1. Deborah Angel says:

    Well, leave it to me to come upon something 2 years too late!? I just now saw this article, so I’m wondering how much it sold for. Appears it’s no longer available on Amazon.
    I actually have my ORIGINAL Barbie house! It’s in great shape, having languished in the attic all these years. This has made me want to wade through the dust and cobwebs and bring it back to life!! Ahhh, nostalgic memories…

  2. melanie beck says:

    I always loved Barbie. I had an original one back in the early 60’s but Mattel had a trade in deal and I traded her for a twist and turn Barbie. I never had her dream home though.

  3. Lyndasewsalot says:

    Oh Pam., there you go again, subliminally making me waaannnt something else. Lol. After reading your article I found myself wanting an original dreamhouse……and I found one. And snagged it. Now it’s in my closet , hiding from the rest of my family…all boys, and men who just wouldn’t understand. You are my trouble making friend , that I have never actually met! And that’s probally a good thing, because you would get me in more retro hoarding situations than I already get myself into! Some day soon , when I clean up my act. I’ll send you pictures of my completed workshop. And 1960’s travel trailer with the old f100 that I pull it with. Seriously, I’m glad Your here! Otherwise I would feel like nobody got me. Thanks.

  4. Ms. Vel-Vida says:

    Pam, I spotted one of the originals today “out in the wild”. We’re out of town visiting family for Easter and the local thrift store had it all set up as one of their silent auction items. Only thing missing was Barbie, she must have been out shopping. I snapped a few pics if you’re interested.

  5. Jennifer Robertson says:

    As a child in the 80’s dear neighbors of mine had their daughters vintage barbies and would bring them out to let me play with them if they saw me outside. I had totally forgotten the dream house but seeing it brought back so many memories. They were the coolest older couple on the block. I moved when I was 8 but they will always be in my memories.

  6. Rick G says:

    They’ve really done a great job on this house ! – there was a couple small bumps in the road to assembly – but very minor…..a couple of slots were cut a tiny bit too large; so my wife simply used a pin through a couple tabs, to prevent those from being loose. The last stages are a little tricky; but it’s well worth the result in the end !!! – This is a fantastic offering by Mattel !!!!

  7. Donna says:

    I didnt have the house – little entrepreneur that I was, I got the Fashion Store; kept it until a few years ago when I was moving – it literally fell apart. I burst into tears, and friends came to my side thinking I’d been bitten or something.

    I still have all the lovely dresses and outfits my Mom made for my Barbie and Ken. Matching outfits. They’re cherished beyond rhyme or reason. I hope I can play dressup with my granddaughters one day… <3

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