Tropical decorating inspiration from 12 vintage Florida postcards

All things tropical are hot in decorating right now — just like they were in midcentury America. For some vintage inspiration, how about these old Florida postcards. The colors are what we call high-chroma, meaning, wow, the colors! Color is good! Above: Pink + Red + Aqua + Mossy Green colors combined in “Flamingos and nests.” All postcards from from the State Archives of Florida.

Orange + Green + White in “Florida orange blossom time”; State Archives of Florida.

Tropical rainbow in “Parrot Jungle”; State Archives of Florida.

Grass green + sky blue + white in “Tower View Tourist Court”; State Archives of Florida.

Primary colors. Air view of Sarasota Lido; State Archives of Florida.

Deco + old signs. Ocklawaha Ave. in Ocala; State Archives of Florida.

Periwinkle, almost, here. Florida Cypress Gardens– America’s Tropical Wonderland; State Archives of Florida

Beautiful azaleas – Florida Cypress Gardens; State Archives of Florida

The Chinese Red is important in this one. Oriental Gardens – Jacksonville; State Archives of Florida.

Blue and more blue.  Guests using the swimming pool at the Saxony Motel, Miami Beach; State Archives of Florida.

Hazy. Dolphins being fed at the “Theater of the Sea”; State Archives of Florida.

Oh my, so calming. Swimming pool at the Thomas A. Edison winter home in Fort Myers; State Archives of Florida.

This summer, I’m feeling a hazy 1940s coral paired with chartreuse — how about you?

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  1. Kathryn Nowosielski says:

    Ooohhh!!! I especially like the one of the Saxony Motel! The starbursts on the bottom of the pool! Yes, those are linen postcards. I have a collection of 11K postcards (most are over 100 years old) and I love reading them.
    As far as flamingos… the first plastic ones were invented here in Leominster, MA by Mr. Featherstone who passed away a couple years ago. Leominster was the “Plastics Capital of the World” Foster Grant originated here! Anyway, yay to plastic pink flamingos!!!! And the real ones of course!!!

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