Boomerang countertop laminate — GLOSSY finish — eight colorways

glossy boomerang laminateMany readers say they greatly prefer retro design countertop laminates with a glossy top coat — just like in the olden days. But these can be very hard to find. Yesterday, I profiled the high-gloss Cracked Ice / mother of pearl design laminates now available within Wilsonart’s wonderful Virtual Design Library. Today: A story on the six boomerang designs — also in that high-gloss finish — also available for easy sampling from Wilsonart.

These designs have long been available including from places like Heffron’s. I call them the “Vitra” laminates, because they were used on Vitra products. Wilsonart made these laminates then, and now.

Now, though, getting samples is easier than ever. Just sign up with Wilsonart and pronto, they’ll send you 8″x10″ samples. Wilsonart hinted they also may be listed for purchase direct from Home Depot some time soon.

There are eight different colorways, so many that I missed two when I ordered my samples. Here are the direct links to each colorway:

Want more boomerang options? See my story, which I now need to update:

  1. Brooke Sanders says:

    More of a question rather than comment. I am at the very beginning of my research on possibly using a retro-style laminate in my mobile home. I’m reading about sheet sizes, ordering sheets, etc. Is this something the home-owner needs to fabricate themselves or do these companies actually fabricate countertops? As you can see, I am a bit confused by the process. Thanks for your help/reply.

  2. kim says:

    I happen to love the natural maple on this website border. I found an awesome freestanding mid century bar which I will post a photo of later. It has a laminate top very very similar to this look – natural maple color that I want to replicate on my counters. Is this a laminate sample by chance?? If so where can I get it? thanks, Kim

  3. linoleummy says:

    If one of the colors I am doing a bathroom with came in glossy I wanted to do something like Noelle’s. https://retrorenovation.com/2014/05/13/1930s-bathroom-pink-walls/ The color saturation is delicious and love the metal trim. But the matte finish…not sure. My vanity is entirely covered in First Lady Pink and pretty scrumptious though. And I’m glad to hear people in the know say going glossy might be regrettable .

  4. Sandra says:

    I’m thinking of using laminate for a backsplash. #1 characteristic of a backsplash should be to repel water and be easy to clean. That, to me, rules out anything with grout or seams. I’m still looking for the right shade of yellow.

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