Boomerang countertop laminate — GLOSSY finish — eight colorways

glossy boomerang laminateMany readers say they greatly prefer retro design countertop laminates with a glossy top coat — just like in the olden days. But these can be very hard to find. Yesterday, I profiled the high-gloss Cracked Ice / mother of pearl design laminates now available within Wilsonart’s wonderful Virtual Design Library. Today: A story on the six boomerang designs — also in that high-gloss finish — also available for easy sampling from Wilsonart.

These designs have long been available including from places like Heffron’s. I call them the “Vitra” laminates, because they were used on Vitra products. Wilsonart made these laminates then, and now.

Now, though, getting samples is easier than ever. Just sign up with Wilsonart and pronto, they’ll send you 8″x10″ samples. Wilsonart hinted they also may be listed for purchase direct from Home Depot some time soon.

There are eight different colorways, so many that I missed two when I ordered my samples. Here are the direct links to each colorway:

Want more boomerang options? See my story, which I now need to update:

  1. Betsy in Michigan says:

    I want orange – my grandpa had that at the diner counter of his bowling lanes in a small town in SW Michigan. I spent a lot of time as a small child tracing the boomerangs with my finger. I’d have Friday or Saturday night dinner there and could have whatever I wanted. Usually a fish sandwich and chips, a glass of Green River pop, and a chocolate milkshake. Since I was the grand daughter, they also gave me the leftover shake in the stainless steel blender cup, that other people didn’t get (I have no idea what they did with the other leftover shakes!).

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m a kitchen designer from a big orange box 😉 Readers should be aware that the high gloss scuffs and scratches more easily. My fabricator has me tell customers purchasing high gloss that it WILL be scuffed up already by the time it gets to them, let alone the customer’s home.

  3. Allen says:

    I prefer the glossy like the days of old. Once its got scratches in it you just throw a little Jubilee Kitchen Wax on there and……good an new!

  4. Roberta says:

    In my previous house, I had to sign a disclaimer to the installer when I asked for high gloss laminate. I put a similar product in my current house and did not have a problem this time. These boomerangs make me want to remodel my bathroom just so I can use them. So glad to see them out there!

  5. Mount Dora Monique says:

    At the beginning stages of a re-do of our 1963 galley kitchen. EVERYTHING but the appliances remains original…yet I am changing out the countertop laminate for the Wilsonart “Betty”, with a matte finish. The glossy is just too much for my personal taste, but am thrilled there are more and more options for us retro revivalists.

    1. Desert Dwelling says:

      I’m looking at “Betty” for my 1953 kitchen remodel too. I’m trying to figure out what cabinets to put in. I have no idea what the kitchen originally had. What type of cabinets do you have?

      1. Mount Dora Monique says:

        Hi Desert Dwelling…our kitchen cabinets are original built in place all wood. Nothing fancy as the shelves are not adjustable, but solid as ever. Plain fronts with rounded edges. We’re keeping them ‘cuz they don’t make them like this anymore!????

  6. K Stacey says:

    Personally, while I think the shinier (and sparkler!) the better? From a practical standpoint I’d probably go with more of a satin finish for high-traffic countertops.

  7. I was born in 1950. My parents bought our first home in 1955. One of those 1,000 -1,2000 sq. ft., brick ranches, with hardwood (thick) floors, wet plaster walls, coved ceilings and 1 bathroom. We had the boomerang counter in our kitchen. I don’t see the salmon base that I remember so well. I always loved that counter top. I’m happy to say that I see it from time to time in mid-century revival homes in Detroit’s suburban Royal Oak. I’m a Realtor & just love it when I get to see these homes.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Formica in the 2000s had a revival and it included what they called the coral base. It was lovely indeed.

  8. BobinAlabama says:

    I’ve had glossy and matte laminate countertops, which is why I did my kitchen in the matte finish boomerangs. I don’t worry so much about scratches and scrapes that are more apparent with the glossy finish.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Yup, the downside of high gloss is that scratches may show. That said: Lots of folks pine for it.

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