Where to find towel bars that attach to bathroom sink legs

Where to find towel bars that attach to the chrome legs on vintage bathroom sinks? The question came up twice last week, so here’s the answer based on my research and knowledge. Above: The gorgeous yellow Crane bathroom sink with chrome legs and towel bars in my neighbor’s house.

Melita [ of this awesome kitchen ] wrote:

My neighbor Duane and Mary’s other bathroom. About the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. See all of it here.

Dear Pam,

I am looking for bathroom sink towel bars, just the bars or the bars with the legs. Do you know of any source? I don’t mean the new expensive Restoration Hardware type that goes on the Kohler sinks, just the old type ones. I replaced a sink that had the legs and the towel bars separately. I kept the towel bars and got new legs (Amazon, about $50), but there is no way to attach the bars on the new sink… The old one was the ‘skirt’ type and the towel bars were attached on the skirt edge/lip. The new sink has a flat bottom which does not provide any point to attach the bars. So on to a hunt for new bars, I go. 

All help appreciated. And as always, I LOVE your blog/website!!!!!! Now on the 10th year?! Time flies…

Thanks much,

Thank you, Melita.  

Alas, the answer is not so easy: I know of no one making these new. You need to stalk vintage. They do come up now and again on ebay. But, folks tend to know they have some treasure, and the beauties don’t come cheap. Somewhere in my hoard, I have a New Old Stock American Standard set, complete. This story might inspire me to cash out my treasure!

Above: Vintage Crane towel bar for sink legs, looks like you’d need to cut down one towel bar (or find other towel bars the right depth) and also find escutcheons for the wall. Hmmm.

Note: All the links to ebay in this story are affiliate links that earn me a wee commission if you click and buy.

Above: Vintage towel bar for sink legs — different design, looks complete. Interestingly, there were a variety of ways that the towel bars attached to the sink legs.

Above: Vintage towel bar for sink legs — another design, I don’t understand how this one works.

Update: I did more research and found an ebay seller who kindly showed photos of how this works. 

Need the brass clips — then, look for the notchy underneath to clip everything into. 

Above: Vintage towel bar for sink legs — yup, another of that design that needs clips; presumably they come with if you are buying NOS like this

Crane Drexel legs and attached towel bars, this seller says, yummmm, although the wall escutcheons are missing.

Maybe: Buy a whole sink just for the towel bars? This towel bar is very pretty!

1950s bathroom
I found my sink, with its original chrome legs and integral towel bars, by placing an ad in the local newspaper. I paid $65.

Moral of this story:

If you can find a complete sink — complete with legs, towel bars and wall escutcheons — your life will be easier. 

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  1. Nora says:

    The problem we encountered when we renovated our house, and the likely reason no one is making them anymore, is that in the intervening years building code has evolved to require a specific sink height. We had to briefly remove the Abi for mold remediation, and when the contractor went to nstalk the sink again, he found that the legs were too short to meet code—so he threw them out! They were replaced with ugly pieces of pipe. 🙁

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    So sorry that happened, [building code advice edited out by Pam: readers, on such issues get with your own properly licensed professionals]. But I’m sure you can find new chrome legs at different heights on line. Here is one of many I found, and they are adjustable in height:

  3. Melita Lykiardopoulou says:

    Hi Pam, thanks for this article! Boy, I fell asleep on the wheel, so to speak, and the sink was sold already!…

    These are the exact bars I have from the previous sink, but alas, I cannot attach them in the new sink. These are good for a cast iron sink, not for a porcelain one with flat bottom nicely covering the molded shape of the bow. The towel bars attached on the edge of the molded shape cast iron in such a way that they looked like they are holding the sink up.

    The clamp-on type could either have bars with escutcheons on the wall (that’s what I have) or end with another clamp-on away from the wall (4 clamp-on and 2 bars, or 2 clamp-on, 2 bars and 2 escutcheons). I am looking for the one on the link with the two unequal bars. This is the American Standard type and apparently was the ‘higher end’ one, with either hex steel, or round solid brass with chrome legs – much heavier than the Lasco. I have two bathrooms with American Standard legs and towel bars and love them! Just like the one in your picture. Lovely all the way!

    Thanks – as always, your greatest fan 🙂

    PS – Pink Alert!!!! My neighbor said she would be ‘updating’ her ‘ugghh’ pink bathroom soon. I asked her to let me see it before she starts demolition. She said ‘nothing you would care for, old 1970’s or earlier bathroom’. I almost jumped saying: ‘not so fast! Try me! Try me first!!! Will keep you posted!

  4. Lyndasewsalot says:

    Nora! I feel for you. Why would a contractor throw something that does not belong to them out!!! I had a set of ceramic fish on my bathroom wall . My contractor threw them in the garbage can when I was not home. The mama fish broke! ????. When I got home I asked “ where are my wall fish”? The contractor jut looked at me like it was me who was wrong for wanting the old ugly fish! I don’t understand some people.

  5. Cloudy says:

    I just bought a clamp-on bar too from a seller on ebay. Did you get your bar to attach? Mine isn’t here yet, so I’m trying to get ahead of the game at your expense. lol

  6. Joey says:

    I just bought an American standard sink with chrome legs (towel bars missing sadly) but didn’t get any hardware and can’t a seem to figure how everything mounts/attaches. Anybody have guidance?? Thanks!

  7. Pam Kueber says:

    Hi Joey, give deabath.com a try — I believe they have a variety of mounting hardware available. Good luck.

  8. Susan says:

    Thank you for this information. I have an American Standard sink as you described with original towel bars and legs. Looking for a way to clean up the chrome or replace the towel bars and legs.

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