Mosaic bathroom tiles — 3 unique designs in Kim’s 1962 house

beige mosaic tile bathroomOh my goodness, Kim has not one — not two — but three of the the most beautiful bathrooms featuring original mosaic bathroom tiles that I’ve ever seen. Wouldn’t these be amazing to replicate in a Retro Renovation bathroom today?

gold brown white mosaic tileI first heard from Kim when I reposted a 2015 story about where to find mosaic bathroom tiles in colors on our Facebook page. In quick response to my “pretty please,” she sent photos of all three bathrooms — gorgeous shots taken with her iphone. I’ll call the mosaic bathroom tiles shown above the harvest gold, brown, gray and white mix. A surprisingly pleasing color combination, don’t you agree?

Above: The blue mix mosaic bathroom tiles.

Kim fell in love even before the mosaic bathroom tiles

Kim wrote:

When I heard this house was for sale in my neighborhood, and I new it had not been updated, I just wanted to go see the bathrooms, as I wanted my husband to remodeled mine back to the 60s era. We walked in the front door and I said, ‘I want this house’! I hadn’t even seen the bathrooms lol! Later that day, we were the new owners!

No one has ever pressured us to remodel any of the house. Even the shag carpet is from 1962. The only thing we’ve replaced is kitchen and living room carpeting with cork flooring. The appliances are original and I love using them!

We are the third owners. We had the original owner over last year and he was so happy to see everything still as he had it built.

And above: The rich green mix of mosaic bathroom tiles. Weighing all three designs, I think this is my favorite, because of the density of the pattern. Which is your favorite? 

All tucked in beautiful midcentury modern house

Oh, and as if we were not all envious enough looking at those original vintage tile bathrooms, here’s a bonus from Kim:

Here are a couple pictures of the outside!! I love my MCM home!


Of course you love your midcentury modern home, Kim — what a beauty! Thank you for sharing these photos. The bathrooms! The house! It’s so lucky they found you! Adore! xoxo pam

  1. Edwyna Spiegel says:


    My parent’s kitchen had the brown and tan tiles on the wall behind our stove. I watched them as they laid out the squares of tiles and how lovely it looked! So comforting to see them still in use. ?

  2. Kari says:

    Beautiful bathrooms. I love the tub!! I would keep a look out for a aqua/mint 1-piece vintage toilet to replace the white & match the other two bathrooms if you can find it. Otherwise they’re perfect.

  3. Kristin says:

    Where is this house?? I SO envy her home. Thank you, Kim for not “renovating” quotes intentional- your fabulous house. Whenever I look for older homes in recent MLS listings, the two most hated words I read are: “newly renovated!” as if that’s a plus.

    1. Susan Jones says:

      Look up Cleveland, to. A supply house has new old stock in Koehler. The key will be in knowing just which blue.

  4. DJ Sparkles says:

    I am so in love with your bathrooms- and your house! Whole house pictures, please! Bless you for saving this beautiful house and making it your home.

  5. Christa says:

    Those bathrooms are the best. The green is my favorite, but the fact that she has ALL THREE in different colors is amazing. Lucky, lucky Kim.

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