Blue countertops — with polka dots — dial up the happy in Bridget’s new kitchen

polka dot countertops wilsonart

Polka dot patterns are a favorite for retro dresses — so, how about for the blue countertop of a retro kitchen remodel? Bridget shows us how, with her recently completed new kitchen featuring a tropical blue countertop with a polka dot pattern from Wilsonart’s Virtual Design Library. Props for getting some real pattern on the floor, too! Let’s take a look at more of this personality-rich kitchen’s design features >> 

blue kitchen countertopsBridget wrote:

We bought our house two years ago as a “fixer upper”. The house was originally built in 1910, with its last renovation being a half finished DIY over 20 years ago.

kitchen cabinets before
Slice of the “janky” before
kitchen bulkhead before
Slice of the “janky” before

I was OK with dealing with a janky kitchen for a couple years if it meant getting the kitchen of my dreams.

Blue polka dot kitchen countertops set the scene:

kitchen with pot rack

This year, I was finally able to go from Pinterest board to reality, and we demo’d the kitchen to its studs and built it back with the help of some brilliant contractors (REM Home Improvement located here in Lynden). The counter is Tropical Spot by Wilsonart, and the beautiful hardware on the cabinets and drawers are from the Lews Hardware Two Tone Collection in Robin’s Egg Blue.

blue white kitchen

I asked Bridget what friends and family thought of her polka dot countertops. 

She said: 

Family and friends were very apprehensive when I told them I was getting a robin’s egg blue polka dot countertop. But now that they’ve seen it, they absolutely love it! I have to admit that I was a little scared how it would turn out as well! Sometimes things don’t turn out how you envision them, like “would this read as mid-century or that I love clowns?”, but I’m relieved it’s better than I hoped.

kitchen pantry cabinetretro kitchen faucetRobin’s egg blue cabinet hardware repeats the key color scheme. Bridget’s resources:   

From “janky” to “whimsically wonderful” — that’s how I’d subtitle this wonderful kitchen transformation. Thank you, Bridget, for sharing your story, your photos, and your resources — and for setting a great example for taking a risk and choosing some real personality — blue polka dot countertops, hooray! — to one’s home. 

love the house youre in

  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Bridget, yours is one of the sweetest kitchens I’ve seen on this site and very well designed. The white cabinets and unusual blue knobs pull out the colors in the laminate. I like what you did in your small space with the peninsula and the tall storage cabinet next to the fridge. I also love the pot rack over the peninsula–unlike closed cabinets or even open shelving, the hanging pots allow a sense of openness between the kitchen and dining area while freeing up essential storage space in the cabinets. Well done!

  2. Evan Degenfelder says:

    Very pretty! I love the color—as my daughter says, my ‘go to color’, even if polka dotted. It gives the kitchen a happy, cheerful look. I would love a large single bowl sink. My husband thinks this is not what “most people” want and he’s always focuses on how modifications will affect value and interest when we sell.

    Anyone have thoughts on that? Because we’re right in the middle of the restoration of our 1947 mid/modest ranch and the sink decision is coming up soon.

    1. louise says:

      I can’t wait to have a large single bowl sink! My sister just remodeled in a high end area and was thrilled to put one in.

    2. Bridget says:

      I think a large single bowl sink is desirable. You can fit bigger pots and pans inside. Besides, if you remodel a kitchen, it should be for you…not for anyone else!

    3. Mary Elizabeth says:

      Despite implications on TV home design shows that homeowners get all the money back for renovated baths and kitchens when they sell, all the real estate people I know say the opposite. Unless you bought the house as an investment that you intend to flip in a year or two, worry more about what you like rather than what will sell in some indeterminate future. Note how much people spent on granite countertops that are now being replaced with quartz as the most desirable material (at least here in the Northeast). Laminate countertops and sinks are easy to replace, and that’s what the agent will say to your prospective buyers–the sink can be easily replaced. If you can’t convince your DH that you deserve the sink of your dreams, tell him if he agrees to have it put in, you will start a small savings account for a second sink replacement, should you ever decide to sell and the agent says yours isn’t trendy enough. 🙂

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