11 new Vera Neumann wallpapers and fabrics from Schumacher — gorgeous!

vera neumann fabric for schumacher fish schoolHot off the presses: Just a few days ago Schumacher launched a new collection of wallpapers and fabrics designed by Vera Neumann — three wallpapers and 11 fabrics in all. Something I did not know: Schumacher says that Vera Neumann — who we also lovingly know as “Vintage Vera” — was their longest running collaborator, spanning from the 1940s to the 1960s! And with good reason: Her patterns are beautifully designed — colorful, whimsical, artful, all!

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Let’s take a look at the collection >>

vera neuman fabric fish school by schumacher in aqua and leaf colorwayFish School fabric by Vera Neumann for Schumacher:

Shown above: “Fish School” in orange & pink, available as a cotton/linen blend fabric only, also in an aqua & leaf colorway. Schumacher says:

This painterly, two-tone fish pattern is the embodiment of Vera Neumann’s playful charm. Printed on union cloth, it is perfect for a child’s room or a beach house.

Schumacher describes the new Vera Neumann 2019 collection:

We’re thrilled to revisit the work of legendary artist, celebrated fashion designer, renowned tastemaker and pioneering entrepreneur Vera Neumann (1907-1993). As Schumacher’s longest running collaborator, spanning from the 1940s to the 1960s, Vera created confident, colorful designs with a joyous, folksy charm. For this collection, we’ve partnered with the Vera archive to create an exclusive collection of fabrics and wallpapers that revisits the greatest hits from her Schumacher years and revives buried treasures from her larger portfolio. These are inventive, modern designs that bring color and happiness into the home.

“These are inventive, modern designs that bring color and happiness into the home” — I agree.

I am particularly partial to new wallpaper designs, so I’ll focus mostly on those:

Lemonade wallpaper and fabric by Vera Neumann:

vera neumann wallpaper lemonade pattern for schumachervintage vera wallpaper from schumacherThe Lemonade wallpaper and fabric is a fruity take on polka dots. Shown above in “Lemon” and also available in a pinkalicious “Grapefruit”, Schumacher describes this Vintage Vera wallpaper as  as:

A simple grid of hand-drawn citrus slices, this imaginative polka dot pattern has Vera Neumann’s signature tongue-in-cheek humor and whimsical charm. Also a fabric.

Square Dance wallpaper and fabric originally designed in 1976 by Vera Neumann:

vintage vera neumann square dance wallpaper by schumacher in office settingLet’s hear it for the 1970s with Vera Neumann’s “Square Dance” wallpaper and fabric. It’s available in three colorways — blue, brown, and peacock.

If you REALLY want channel the 1970s, this brown is everything!:

vera neumann schumacher wallpaper square dance in brownSchumacher says:

Vera Neumann created this mod, geometric design for Schumacher in 1976, and its happy colors and graphic, concentric diamond pattern are still fresh today. Also a fabric.

Wild Things wallpaper and fabric by Vera Neumann:

schumacher vera neumann wallpaper wild things in black

The “Wild Things” line of wallpaper and fabrics comes in three colorways — black, leaf, and sky. Schumacher says:

With its stylized flowers silhouetted against a solid background, this mod botanical pattern expemplifies Vera Neumann’s affinity for nature and bold, graphic designs. Also a fabric.

Monarch’s March fabric by Vera Neumann fro Schumacher:  

vera neumann fabric monarchs march for schumacherThis “Monarch’s March” fabric is lovely. 100% linen suggested for light upholstery and window treatments. Schumacher says:

Alive and aflutter with stylized butterflies, this enchanting print on lightweight linen epitomizes Vera Neumann’s carefree sensibility.

Mariposa Pillows by Vera Neumann for Schumacher:

vera neumann pillows from schumacherThese ready-made “Mariposa” pillows are lovely — there are actually two, a “mirrored pair” — “Mariposa A” and “Mariposa B” — each facing a different direction. get a quick Vera fix! Schumacher says:

Inspired by a fabulous Vera Neumann scarf from the 1960s, this pillow features a fanciful butterfly embroidered on a printed striped ground. This is one half of a mirrored pair.

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I didn’t feature every fabric, here is the link to them all:

And again, thank for the images:

A quick video biography of our beloved Vera Neumann:

  1. Martha says:

    Well, how dissatisfying is this! You have to have a trade account to purchase the fabric. For most of us, this puts it on a shelf. Is there any other way to purchase?

    1. Suzanne Jonker says:

      LADesignconcepts.com You can order to the trade only items. I got Zebrine wallpaper from Rose Cumming the pattern was used on the banquettes at El Morocco.

      1. Pam Kueber says:

        Thank you for that tip, Suzanne. And I’m thinking that, since this collection is so new, it might take a bit of time to show up on their website. If I were hot to trot, I’d reach out directly.

        Also, I do tend to believe that Schumacher papers and fabrics also are sold retail on other websites — I’ve just never researched it.

        Finally, if you go a to a full-service interior design store that also has wallpaper books, you likely can order it that way. Even in my rural area, there is a place I can go for that.

  2. Laura says:

    Glad they are reissuing Vera designs, but so far what I’m seeing is quite tame. Wish they would bring back more of her wilder / more colorful designs. “School of Fish” is on the right track though.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      School of Fish is my favorite, too. That, and the brown square dance! I presume these designs were chosen to appeal to a fairly wide audience (rather than those of us more likely to be open to the wildest of patterns).

  3. Malissa says:

    I have a trade account and ordered samples. They are starting to arrive! I want to buy some lemons to make a kitchen valence for sure. Schumacher is very expensive. I bought some of the Frank Lloyd Wright reissues a few years back and if you buy, you need a plan. It’s kind of expensive to hoard. ?

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      I think it may take a few weeks for them to show up online, because they are so new. I suggest you call the company reference directly …

      1. Malissa says:

        They are online! I got the email last week and ordered samples already. I am waiting for one more shipment. I am a trade account holder and will be placing an order. I have a listing on Etsy if anyone wants to special order, I would gladly quote out an order. There are minimums but if you don’t want 2 yards I may consider splitting or maybe someone else will want. I usually sell extra on Etsy but it is so expensive I am not ordering just to resell. I also have a little of the Frank Lloyd Wright line from a few years ago on Etsy. I don’t have much left but last I checked some was still in stock at Schumacher so if it’s available, I can order it.

  4. Joe Felice says:

    Back in 1977, I just HAD to have a certain set of towels from Vera for my red, white and blue bathroom that I decorated for the Bicentennial a year earlier. (Foil wallpaper and all!) As luck would have it, I met a guy in New York on a visit whose aunt worked at the Burlington factory in Brooklyn, and she was able to provide the towel set. I still have the bath towel.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      I had Vera in my high school bedroom — the sheets and pillow set that looked like a big rainbow, sort of. In the orange/yellow, of course!

  5. JT says:

    I still enjoy my vintage Vera tablecloth and napkins in a wavy blue and green pattern. I really love that Monarch’s March linen material and my daughter can sew valances for my kitchen. Thanks so much for this info!

  6. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Love Vera, and I have three sets of queen sheets, mostly new-in-package, pieced together over a few years through eBay purchases. They include Poppy Breeze (partial set), Fern, and Springtime.

    I haven’t seen any of these fabrics in linens before, although they say they are from the Vera archive. They may, like the pillows, be reimaginings of her scarf designs.

  7. Jennifer Kepesh says:

    Did you deliberately disable comments for the Retro Fridge guide? I wanted to make a comment, but there’s no option to do so on that post, and I see there are no comments….

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