Starburst towel bars — with matching towel rings and toilet paper holders to come — now available again

starburst towel barsMany readers rushed to buy atomic starburst towel bars, towel rings and toilet paper holders the day in 2014 that Kate discovered and we announced that Rejuvenation was discontinuing their line. And ever since, the only alternative has been to snap up the rare set of vintage here and there (at increasingly high prices.) Now, five years later, there’s finally a new made-new alternative: Starburst towel bars cast in aluminum by the etsy seller Vintage Revival Art Co. And more good news: Owner Jason tells me he’s also working on a matching towel ring and toilet paper holder.

Thanks to reader Brenny for this tip! 

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  1. Allison Hardy says:

    The dedication of the true cultist; I set my alarm for 3am Pacific Time to make sure I snagged some of these this morning.

    Hoorah! Starbursts!

  2. carolyn says:

    I know some of us are priced out of the market (refer to the colored sinks blog from a few weeks ago) but if you REALLY like these touches in your home and will be staying for at least 10 yrs, that $65 is only $6.50/yr. I think the sink was around $1100 – again, it brought joy for $110. How many fancy coffees is that? And there’s nothing stopping you from removing & replacing them with something boring if/when you move, then re-installing them in your new digs.

    1. Brenny says:

      Yes, I think they were 65$…..at least the 24 inch ones were. Very reasonable, I think. I cannot wait until he gets the toilet paper holders ready too! Very exciting prospects, for sure.

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