Vintage-style ceiling light shades and other retro glass shades — made new today

retro ceiling light

Updated July 2020: Here are a few ceiling light shades that look like they have been around for decades — and it’s still made new today, in two sizes, 13″ and 15″ in diameter. 

Thanks for this tip from reader Casey, who wrote:

We got so many ideas from your website, we wanted to help other people with the same thing. I discovered while searching for vintage round light shades for semi flush mount fixtures, SATCO still makes a vintage shade brand new in 13 and 15 inch, with a 7/16 center hole. There are a couple of retailers that offer them, but if you search for SATCO round glass shade they should come up.

Love your site, Casey

retro ceiling lightNote: If you are looking for etched shades like these, I often see them at the ReStore too. And remember, if you’re buying the entire fixtures, it’s wise to have the old wiring checked by a pro first. 

Thanks, Casey! Like I said: I will be these have been around a long long time!

Where to buy decorative starburst glass shades (and see other sections of their site for other retro lighting parts):

Note, the original 2019 version of this story showed other shades available, including a yummy gold starburst print. Referring back to this story to help with another reader question, I discovered them now gone, so edited this story accordingly.


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