Mid century tile colors from Daltile tile now at Home Depot — very affordable

mid century modern bathroom tiles Finding affordable, pastel colored tiles for a mid century bathroom now seems easier than ever: I just spotted Daltile 4 x 4 inch (ish) tiles in several colors at Home Depot, available for as little at $2.50 per s.f. This includes delivery free to your local store.

tile for a mid century house

Daltile “Spa” light blue tile is a reader favorite

Above: Daltile Spa, semi-gloss.

This Daltile Spa color has been a longtime reader favorite.

daltile spa bathroom

Stories about readers who have used this color tile in their bathrooms:

mid century bathroom tile

Not all Daltile colors are available at Home Depot. I scanned for those that would be appropriate for a mid century bathroom remodel.

There’s a second, richer blue, as well. Above: Daltile Waterfall

mid century modern bathroom tilebeige tile bathroomAbove: Daltile Urban Putty in a matte finish. Okay, not pastel, but I have something similar to this color in my bathroom (at right), and I like it a lot. Note, I bought my bathroom tile at Home Depot about 15 years ago; mine is glossy, and I think it was a Rose Beige from another company that I can’t remember. 

midcentury modern tile bathroomAbove: Daltile Almond in a semi-gloss finish is another, less intense beige option, and is currently listed for an amazingly low $2.54 per s.f.

daltile golden granite tiledaltile ice greyTo get to all the colors, I typed the words Daltile semi-gloss into the Home Depot search bar. Numerous colors for 4×4 and 6×6 tiles came up, along with trim tiles. The Ice Gray also looks like a good option. Note: If you don’t see the color you want in the style or size or finish you want, try Google; I also see this line available at other online sites in varying options. 

Now, if we could only get Daltile to make us a Mamie Pink!

More information, if you are hunting for tile for a mid century bathroom or kitchen:

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  1. Ryan says:

    Here is the thing about Daltile’s ‘Almond’ – it is not really Almond, it is actually Bone. Daltile will tell you they no longer make ‘Bone’; however, they really no longer make Almond. They make ‘Bone’ that they call ‘Almond’.

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