The biggest, minty-est, vintage Whiskey Barrel furniture set I’ve ever seen!

whiskey barrel living room setwhiskey barrel furnitureI love midcentury basements that have been decorated in kitschy, escapist styles. And the #1 favorite theme back in the day seems to have been: Whiskey barrel furniture (and don’t forget yer wagon wheel light to go with.) I recently spotted this huge, complete,  pristine-looking 19-piece set of whiskey barrel furniture on Facebook Marketplace. Thanks to seller Joseph for giving me permission to archive this classic time-capsule living room suite — complete with fabulous bar and game table!  Anyone out there with an empty basement ready to decorate in one fell swoop, for pick up only in Moulton, Pennsylvania? vista furnitureThe furniture was made by Vista Industries of Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville… Bourbon… Whiskey Barrel furniture. That makes sense. On a larger level, the whiskey barrel furniture trend seems to go hand-in-hand in mid-century America’s fascination with Westerns. I talked at length about this phenomenon in this interview last year with Collector’s Weekly, “It Came From the ’70s: The Story of Your Grandma’s Weird Couch.” Gunsmoke, anyone?  

19-piece set of whiskey barrel furniture, minty fresh

whiskey barrel card tableBack to this amazing set.  As the listing says, it’s from the 70s, and I would agree, specifically from the colors: Avocado and dusty earthy coral.  Above: The game table with gameboard designs printed right onto the laminate top.  

The listing info includes:

19 piece retro 70’s whiskey barrel furniture made by Vista Furniture Inc, consisting of a game table, 4 chairs, couch w/matching chair, coffee table, 2 lamps, side chair w/ottoman, bar w/4 barstools, large bar w/bar back stool and wall bottle/glass holder. The set is in excellent minty condition. The set was cleaned and is like brand new. Made by Vista Inc dates to 1970s. 

whiskey barrel chairsNo detail is spared — you get whiskey barrel chairs, fully upholstered, too.

whiskey barrel bar and stoolsThe whiskey barrel bar is a deelite to behold — hail those original stools — and my husband liked that back shelf too. I can almost taste the… whiskey sours made from a powder mix, of course!

1970s novelty wallpaperFor your walls to go with, how about this 1970s novelty wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures?

This wallpaper — it reads “Early American” to me more so than “Western” but still fits with whiskey barrels, I think — has all the right 1970s colors. Of course, you could also do wood paneling (like in the original room), but you know I love the over-the-top factor added by novelty wallpaper.

inside whiskey barrel barThe inside of the bar isn’t much to look at. But look, a little stool for the bartender!

whiskey barrel lampsA pair of whiskey barrel lamps! 

whiskey barrel sofa backAbove: The back detail of the whiskey barrel sofa.

whiskey barrel living room setYowza, at $1,600 takes it all, that’s a lot of classic rumpus room for the money. Inspect the photos carefully and tehre are other items to ask about too!

Thanks again, Joseph, for the permission. We surely hope this set finds a loving new home.

Link love one more time:

whisky barrel furniture
Jon and Trixi had a whiskey barrel bar and sofa in their basement. Note, the whisky barrel furniture with diamonds upholstered into the back up the awesome factor to be sure.  And Jon and Trixi’s striped painted wall: Brilliant.
whiskey barrel sofa
I also spotted this lovely set up on the back porch of the House That Gobsmacked the Las Vegas Mid Century Home Tour when I spoke there a few years ago. Viva La Whiskey Barrel!

  1. Kathryn Asbahr says:

    I recreated this in quarter inch scale for a room box basement rec room. Even made a wagon wheel chandelier for over the table. Along with a pool table. This post was such a fun inspiration. I can always count on your posts for some fun ideas.

  2. GMcKinney says:

    The diamond-back pieces are JC Penney originals. They really are the most amazing designs. I’d almost trade my Poulsen Seligs for the set.
    Those twin barrel lamps are killing me. But, all sold already.

    1. Jacquelyn Tensley says:

      Hi I have a set of whiskey barrel bar, chairs tables ECT. People don’t want to buy it they, want you to give it away. I love the sets you have shown.

          1. pam kueber says:

            You could try places like Facebook Marketplace, craigslist, and ebay… those are typical go-to’s, I think.

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