The 1974 time capsule house that won the internet this week + four more houses from reader tips

time capsule housesThanks to all the readers who continue to send in time capsule tips — there are some REAL BEAUTIES this week, including a 1974 California condo that’s gone viral — click on, and you’ll see why!

The 1974 time capsule house that won the internet this week, Ramona, California “must love green”:

  • Prepare your eyeballs, this one is amazing! (Photo viewing tip:  The lead photo is the first in a slide show — to advance the slide show, look for the forward arrow inside the photo — it’s on the right, about half-way up)

Multiple readers sent me this tip. Because this house was winning the internet. Thank you, all! LOVE IT!

1952 sweetheart in Saugus, Mass.:

1957 mid century modest with some additional flair in Albany, New York:

The house (which has had a few updates over the years) still has some really nice, original features — I particularly love how the ceiling molding in the living room is designed to encapsulate the top of the pinch pleat draperies…the design of the paver patio out back… and of course, that pink and gray bathroom.  

1959 Omaha beauty — gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous classic:

…find the best wallpaper you have ever laid eyes on and the most and best metal kitchen cabinets of all time!

Not a time capsule, but oh this tiki-decorated condo in 1961 Royal Hawaiian Estates, Palm Springs:

I had a few more great time capsule tips that’s I’ll feature next time (this list was getting long). Keep the tips coming, and have a great weekend, everyone! 

Which houses and which features call out you?
Could you live in the 1974 dream house as is? 

  1. Margaret Goehring says:

    The house in Omaha just blows my mind. I shudder to think what will happen to it, it should be left in mostly original condition. I can see updating the appliances, changing out the carpets and pulling them completely from the bathrooms. But I wish there were a way to insure the house remains as the builder and designer intended. We loose way too many beautiful homes to modernization and it breaks my heart. This house is absolutely gorgeous and OMG those floors!!!! Here’s hoping whoever buys it sees and keeps the beauty.

        1. Pam Kueber says:

          Look for the arrow on the right hand side of the lead photo, it’s about half way up. That may be the issue — I further clarified this in the story.

  2. Tarquin says:

    I love the lime green condo. Very expensive to recreate today.
    We had lime green carpet trough out my house in the early 70’s, but we didn’t have modern furniture like this condo.
    We had mostly Drexel wood furniture & lots of “bring the outdoors in” wrought iron, Shingles on the walls, & beams on the ceiling. We also had multicolored slate flooring in our foyer.
    It was so tricky in my house sometimes. People had a hard time figuring out if they were inside or really outside. ?

  3. WR says:

    Wow. All of them are outstanding. Did I count 3 ballrooms (or rooms as big as ballrooms) in the Omaha house? Woah.

    Then there’s the Tiki condo. Now that one is incredible. I hope the furnishings and art are included or available in the sale. If they’re extra, I bet they would double the sales price.

    These time capsules sure give us a thrill, don’t they?

  4. Retroski says:

    That Albany NY house is almost my house’s twin in spirit! We have plenty of cool features like similar wood paneled closets, cedar lined, and a really cool floor to ceiling tiled bathroom. The kitchen is somewhat updated like the one in this house and has almost the same stove! And a yard full of plants and trees. We were really happy to find it.

  5. Tarquin says:

    I just noticed the tiki condo & was WOWED!!!
    I lOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE I!!! I noticed right away it wasn’t a time capsule or even made to look like one. It is tiki with a modern twist & it looks not only spectacular, but comfortable and easy to clean. This would WiOW anyone that came in the door. I would have loved to see the reactions of people walking in. If I was to buy this I would BEG that it came furnished as is!!!!


    OH my goodness!! LOVE them ALL I love any home, any era that was a quality build to begin with and well maintained throughout it’s lifetime.

  7. Amber says:

    Oh wow, I LOVE the basement of the 1952 house.

    I realize most people might find the 70s house too over the top….but just imagine if all the carpet was removed and replaced with some honey toned wood that matched the cabinets, different furniture and drapery was used and the counter top replaced with some kind of white stone or corian counter top….I think that could be a compromise to keep the retro wallpaper and cabinetry. In fact I think you could make it look pretty modern without removing the wallpaper or doing a complete kitchen and bathroom demo. I hope someone will preserve at least some of it that way.

    However, as green is my favorite color and I do like the 70s, while a whole green house might be a bit much even for me, I would enjoy a single room with that carpet a great deal, with the green and white wall paper or the blue stuff. I know carpet doesn’t look as good in pictures but I really like the way it feels under my feet.

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