New old stock decorative vintage bathroom liner tile — big stash

decorative bathroom pencil liner tiles vintageWell, here’s a photo that took my breath away! Yes, these are hundreds of vintage decorative bathroom liner tiles — new old stock vintage liner tiles available for sale right now from ebay seller sew 46. Nom nom, let’s take a closer look >>>

decorative bathroom liner tilesThanks to reader Jennifer for this tip! And, thanks to sellers sew46 — aka Nancy and Scott of Wells Antiques in Los Angeles — for permission to feature some of the photos from their listings. I’m going to bet these tiles will sell pretty fast… it will be great to have them archived for history!

pencil tiles

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decorative tile sizzle strips

I asked Nancy if there was a back story on this stash — where did they come from?! She said:

Scott has acquired these old tiles from a few different sources. The most recent was from a basement in the Los Angeles home of an old tile setter who passed away. Many of these liner tiles were stored there, covered in dust so it was like a treasure hunt! More info about our company on our web site. We’ve been in business since 1992.

decorative liner tilesWant to consider these for your project? Take a look at this story:

liner tiles for a bathroom

And remember this story: When Sarah used a variety of liner tiles in her parent’s bathroom remodel? So clever! In fact, I see that the sellers are showing a photo from Sarah’s story in some of their listings and on their website to give prospective buyers an idea how to use the liner tiles 😉

decorative liner tilesThere are so many pretty designs available — and the stock seems to be good for at least some of the designs. That is, if you run don’t walk, you may be able to nab enough linear feet for a complete bathroom. 

Where to buy these new old stock liner tiles:

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  1. Markie Crossman says:

    Thanks to this article, I found the perfect liner tiles to complement our vintage bullnose edging for our pink bathroom renovation. They worked perfectly and make the tile job more cohesive and planned. Thank you both for the info and the liners!!

  2. Laura says:

    I just installed some with the fish pattern that were recreated by B&W Tile. But I sure wish I had a use for these originals. And of course I want way more of them than I can afford.

  3. carolyn says:

    If you couldn’t afford a bunch but only some, outline a mirror or the tp holder. With all the different glues nowadays, make a tray or table top. Repurpose a dresser, end table or night stand. I’m not crafty and look what all I came up with!

  4. carolyn says:

    I could see using these in picture frames or edging mosaic tables. Someone who knows Morse code could use some in conjunction with plain tiles to create a message.
    I’m not all that creative so c’mon people! What are YOUR ideas?

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