Retro counter top edging — using inexpensive auto body molding trim

metal countertop eding using inexpensive auto body trimProps to reader Anna for sending this tip: She used adhesive auto body trim to create the look of chrome edging on her vintage counter. She told me that she bought the trim, which came on a roll, quite inexpensively. After three years installed, it’s still going strong, she said. “We used 2 inch chrome edge molding. It’s like padded vinyl with sticky tape on one side,” she said. Sizes range from 1/4 inch to 2 inches.

Anna shared a few sources to try:

I also saw some on ebay, body molding trim’ on ebay. 

More ways to do metal countertop edging:

  1. Mariele Storm says:

    No way… Anna and I had the same thought process! I bought a cheap $10 roll of auto trim for my countertop as well, but it didn’t work so well for me, especially inside corners. How thick the trim is and how narrow it normally is compared to countertop thickness meant that it just didn’t look right. 🙁 It was just a trial run since I’m in an apartment anyway, and something I just wanted to test before I tried a permanent solution in a house.

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