Stacy celebrates the “avocado goodness” in her 1968 ranch house kitchen

mid century kitchen
All hail the color avocado for kitchens!  After seeing my recent stories on the color avocado used in kitchens, Stacy emailed with photos of her 1968 kitchen, where she has wholeheartedly embraced the avocado.

She writes:

Thanks for the latest stories on avocado! I wanted to share all the avocado goodness I have going on in my 1968 ranch.

avocado kitchen sink

The sink is original.

avocado wallpaper in a midcentury kitchen

The wallpaper was a $1 thrift store find that brought just the right about of kitschy 60s/70s that was missing from my mostly original kitchen.

Thanks for all you do to keep the vintage vibes flowing!

Sincerely, Stacy:)

avocado kitchen canisters and avocado kitchen wallpaperAh! That wallpaper is CLASSIC. I’m gonna guess: 25 million rolls of wallpaper in this style — early American illustrations of kitchen imagery on a faux brick field — sold throughout America.

1960s wallpaper brick wall with chickens
Hannah’s Treasures has numerous patterns of this ilk on their website right now.

This style wallpaper was everywhere!

And I must say: Doesn’t the wallpaper, and the avocado color in general, look great with those blonde-ish kitchen cabinets? I also LOVE the planked (or faux planked, as it appears in this kitchen) kitchen cabinet doors. The planked look doors and drawer fronts break of the boxy mass vs. slab doors. Of course, I’m not dissing slab doors, love them too, have them myself. Just… plank door fronts are another alternative to think about if you’re planning a makeover — or, to be happy to have, if you have them already! 

Thank you, Stacy — for sharing your avocado goodness. And p.s. readers: Stacy’s before-and-after basement laundry room makeover (with, you guessed it, more avocado) coming next!

  1. RAnderson says:

    My folks moved into a new rancher in 1968 with extreme avocado: the kitchen was all GE: double wall oven, cooktop, fridge and d/w in avocado, the floor of Armstrong 5352 in the avocado/light green brick pattern. The cabinets were very dark with planked doors and white ceramic pulls. It seems like my memory is that dark cabinets were more typical of the late ’60s to early ’70s. The living room had avocado carpet, as did my M-I-L’s cape cod at the time (with sculptured pile in the latter). Even my Dad’s ’69 Ford was light avocado green… avocado ruled Supreme then!

    1. pam kueber says:

      @RA —

      “Extreme Avocado” — I love it… or, yes, “Avocado Supreme”!

      Your parents were stylin’, RA!

  2. Amber says:

    My goodness, I just love the playfulness here. I love that wall paper, and I love those containers. There’s something to be said for a kitchen that prizes comfort and hominess as its vibes.

  3. CarolK says:

    What a lovely kitchen! We had cabinet hardware much like yours, Stacy on our cupboards before our renovation and that scalloped valance over the sink window although ours was not as fancy as yours. I really wanted the valance saved, but I’d forgotten to mention it to the cabinet people. I regret that. I love your canisters and the dispenser for wax paper/foil mounted on the wall. It’s hard to find good canisters anymore and you never see a dispenser like that except maybe in a vintage shop.

  4. Kelly Jackson says:

    My mother-in-law had this very wallpaper, with painted pumpkin orange cabinets and French Provincial hardware. Her whole kitchen was delightful and cheery. I loved it so much. Thanks for the memories! Isn’t it funny that the “young folk” are now gravitating towards these old styles?

  5. Debbie in Portland says:

    This would’ve been a dream kitchen for my parents. The colors are exactly what my mother would’ve chosen, and my father was a builder who did tons of those half-paneled walls back in the late 60’s/early 70’s. And The Thrifting Gods were definitely smiling on Stacy the day that they led her to that wallpaper!!

  6. Madeline says:

    I absolutely love it! Perhaps some avocado appliances will end up as the finishing touch? ;o)

    Our 1971 rambler has similar cabinet doors! Ours are stained a darker tone and are a bit more “modern” without any handles. I’m currently sanding them down by hand to remove 50 years of rental damage.

  7. WK says:

    Having lived through this era with Havest Gold, Avocado and the Bronze appliances I am surprised at this love of Avocado —as surprised as my Mom was for my love of Chrome Dinettes (. She lived to be able to afford a wooden dining set when she was a young Mom )
    It’s fun to see the interest in the1970s colors but for some reason. I wonder about 1970s colors being referred to as MCM
    Your thoughts ?

    1. pam kueber says:

      @ WK, I updated the headline — my eyes had missed this was a 1968 kitchen. In general I think the midcentury era is considered to have spanned from the early 1950s to the early to mid 60s (with avocado kitchen appliances starting ’65 or ’66.) But it’s a hazy line, I think. Midcentury… Post-Modern… Contemporary… eras get smushed together when you try to label them. Also, I sometimes distinguish between ‘midcentury modest’ and ‘midcentury modern’. Since these are all made-up terms, perhaps we should make up more to try and differentiate styles and trends within styles and trends — and eras!

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