Streaky jaspe style vinyl sheet flooring — could be great for a retro-modern home

rm_raeburn_532Obsessively searching to find new vinyl flooring for my basement, I ran into this new design — “Raeburn” from IVC’s Flexitech @ Work Collection Astro series. I love how IVC has reimagined the classic streaky jaspe vinyl tile into this larger polygons-into-square design. The color looks pretty nice too — I am a beige person, not a gray person, and there’s been a real dearth of beige in the market for the last 5-8 years. This flooring is an IVC Commercial flooring and comes in 13’2″ widths — nice! I would call this a nice choice for a retro-modern home. Nice floor!Heck yeah there is more →

Accordion folding doors from 4 companies — including 3 that have been in business for decades

woven wood folding doorsAccordion doors: They were highly touted back in the day as a space-saving and room-hiding innovation. And, I think they most definitely can have their uses today, with the caveat that you want to look for a high-quality product, not one that’s flimsy. Looking back at a story on unusual accordian plastic window shades, I see that clever reader Joni tipped us to two places where you can get full-size accordian doors. I did even more research and tallied four to consider — including three that have been in business for decades. Above: Beautie-Vue’s vintage illustration of possible ways to use accordian doors.Heck yeah there is more →

Get the look of mother of pearl / cracked ice laminate with Wilsonart Crystalized White

wilsonart-crystalized-whitecracked ice laminateIf you love the look of old mother of pearl aka cracked ice or crackle ice laminate, I found a new version — Wilsonart’s Crystalized White — that is a decent proxy and could be a great choice for a Retro Renovation kitchen or bathroom countertop, especially if you want something neutral but with with some abstract multidirectional pattern — i.e. motion.Heck yeah there is more →

Vladimir Kagan’s Annecy Collection — his final work — dares you to decide: Furniture designer — or sculptor?

vladimir-kaganLast week I made a quick roundtrip to New York City to see the preview of Vladimir Kagan’s final furniture collection, ‘Annecy’, at The Carpenter’s Workshop Gallery. There are four pieces in the collection, which Kagan approached as sculpture first, furniture second — flipping Louis Sullivan’s famous mantra to “let function follow the form.” Kagan died just a few months ago at the age of 88. This stunning last work is a befitting finale to his amazing 70-year career. Above: That’s Kagan’s spectacular cantilevered Annecy Sofa, which he proclaimed one of the masterpieces of his career. And with it — my daughter, who joined me for the event. She graduated from college in June and now is working in the city. It was great fun to take her along to her first Retro Renovation event — and to introduce her to Kagan, an icon of midcentury modern furniture design.Heck yeah there is more →

Retro Halloween craft DIY: Make shadow box dioramas from old costume boxes and weebits

retro-halloween-shadow-box-1RetroCraftyArtsyFartsyGet your crafty hands on a vintage Halloween costume box …. add spooky mini bits …. you can even string some lights … and like reader Sue — who sent this idea — you can make the most adorable retro Halloween shadow box diorama. And hey, Sue’s method didn’t even require a glue gun! Halloween’s around the corner — time to get started!Heck yeah there is more →