Ikea, move over: Bertolini Steel Kitchens introduces affordable, ready-to-assemble metal kitchen cabinets to the U.S.

31″ steel sink base — including a drainboard sink (!), legs and pulls — just $173 [+ shipping]

bertolini kitchensWatch out, Ikea: Bertolini Steel Kitchens, which has been manufacturing metal kitchen cabinets for 45 years in Brazil, is making its move on the U.S. market. Offering affordable, ready-to-assemble steel kitchens with seven door styles, Bertolini has signed six dealers in Florida, with more in the works. Heck yeah there is more →

Margie Grace creates a perfect little kitchen for her 1940s house

vintage kitchen

Margie-HR-blog-crop2-1024x1024The minute we saw this 1940s-style kitchen remodel in our recent uploader, we suspected that there was someone with serious design skills involved. Indeed: Margie Grace — an internationally-renowned landscape designer based in Santa Barbara, Calif. — designed this slice of kitchen perfection for her 1948 home along with her partner, Dawn Close, and a little help from their friend, interior designer Kathy Bush. Accustomed to rolling up her sleeves and digging in, Grace even installed the show-stopping kitchen tile “rug” by herself! [All the beautiful photos: By Holly Lepere Photography.]Heck yeah there is more →