Diana’s 10 — yes, ten! — kitchen floor tile pattern mockups — and the final choice, tweaked some more

retro kitchen floorWell, here’s a lead photo that breaks all the rules. But we made it to illustrate the benefits of working with an architect when you are planning a big renovation or key changes to your home. We recently looked at the final results of Diana’s kitchen project. Today, a spotlight on just the floor tile pattern options that her architect qkArchitecture put together for her. With these 10 linoleum floor tile designs in hand, Diana then worked with her contractor Pittsburgh Remodeling Company to tweak the original concepts and make the final selection. We love it!Heck yeah there is more →

Diana opens her 1963 kitchen nook to her family room — and gets new Marmoleum, too

retro kitchen beforeDo you recognize this kitchen? It was one of the first reader kitchens we ever featured on the blog, back in the wee early days when RetroRenovation.com was still just a fooling-around-on-the-internet hobby. It’s Diana’s lovely 1963 kitchen — showcased to spotlight the beauty of the original oak kitchen cabinets. This past year, Diana made some structural design changes — and in the process, the kitchen and dining room got a flooring update. So darn cheery I could bust! Lots of great photos from the architects on this project, qkArchitecture. Let’s take a look! Heck yeah there is more →

Lam-O-Tile — here’s a ‘new” vintage wall tile for our woddity archive

vinyl Lam-O-Tile wall tileWhat an odd and wonderful (wodd) discovery:

Lam-O-Tile by Laminated Plas Tex Corporation… Made of Firestone Velon!

This is not a floor tile — it’s a 10″ wall tile marketed to Do It Yourselfers to protect and beautify the walls of kitchens, rec rooms, bathrooms — even showers! We know that it came in at least 15 patterns in colors approved by Better Homes & Gardens. And today, we have two of the 15 patterns to ogle…Heck yeah there is more →

My World of Tile vintage sign-painted sign

vintage-sign-paintingI made three trips down to World of Tile during their liquidation sale. In the wake of this once-in-a-lifetime, bittersweet adventure, I was so exhausted that I never did write about all my loot. My favorite purchase: Seven (and there were 12 in all, read on!) great big, never-used vintage signs — all hand-painted by sign painters from back in the day. I recently had one of the signs framed, and I hung it up in my mudroom. The photos don’t do it justice, but here’s a try.Heck yeah there is more →