Win a pair of Lucky Lou Shoes — a dog days giveaway sure to perk up your dawgs

retro wood carved shoesAfter our story about Lucky Lou Shoes yesterday, bang pow wham, I got the idea to ask owner Linda Lou if she wanted to contribute a pair for a giveaway. Heck to the yeah, it’s great publicity for the Lous… and I was feelin’ like the blog could use some dog days of summer giveaway bling. So here we have the win-win-win: Win a pair of Lucky Lou Shoes! Read on for the how-to-enter details:Heck yeah there is more →

Lucky Lou Shoes — reproduction bahaykubo shoes — Rockin’ Tiki for your tootsies

lucky lou shoesTiki-TuesdayToday — tiki for your tootsies — because what goes better with a vintage Hawaiian dress than cute shoes with a tiki carved into the heel? Pam and I discovered Lucky Lou Shoes while shopping the tiki bazaar during our trip to The Hukilau. I didn’t have room left in my suitcase for a pair of these (too many mugs!) but Pam bought herself a pretty pair.Heck yeah there is more →

Vintage Pomona Tile View-Master reels — Mike’s collection of 60 scans from 10 reels

vintage View-Master ReelIn the 1950s and 1960s, Pomona Tile was super chic. Reader Mike is a fan — and today we share some of the photos from his wonderful collecton View-Master reels showcasing Pomona Tile in residential and commercial kitchens, bathrooms and decor — 60 scans from 10 reels, including reels illustrating the Pomona Tile ‘Distinguished Designer” series that featured designs by Paul McCobb, Millard Sheets, Dorothy Liebes, Saul Bass and Paul Laszlo. Fabulous vintage tile — captured in fabulous vintage media, yum.Heck yeah there is more →

Pegboard as pot rack in vintage kitchens

julia child kitchenWhen it comes to vintage kitchens — Julia Child’s kitchen is one of the most famous. And it wasn’t a fancy schmancy designer confection — it was a real kitchen. A cook’s kitchen. One of its most memorable features: Julia Child’s very practical — and very affordable — use of pegboard to keep her pots, pans and utensils close at hand. Quick! Grab the wisk! Can’t burn the beurre blanc!Heck yeah there is more →