Win a Joybird Furniture upholstered chair — choose from 75 midcentury modern designs

Giveaway from a Retro Renovation advertiser

Joybird-Graphic4We wrote about Joybird Furniture earlier this year, when they entered the market as “manu-tailer” of midcentury modern style furniture. The company loves Retro Renovation, so recently they placed an ad directly with us (that’s them 24/7 in the bottom of our  sidebar to the right.) Woo to the hoo, the new ad becomes another part of the dough-re-mi equation that helps to keep the blog boat afloat — thank you, Joybird. As a cherry on top o’ the deal, I asked Joybird if they wanted to do a giveaway, and they jumped right to it.

So here you go, readers: Your chance to win a Joybird Furniture upholstered chair — they have 75 designs to choose from — you can also pick your upholstery and your stain. Continue on for the rules and deadline… Heck yeah there is more →

Kahiki tiki Putz house #8 — download our free DIY pattern

miniature tiki hutkitschmas-krazyOur trip to The Hukilau — which immediately transformed both Pam and me into tikiphiles — left little doubt that one of the three new Putz house designs for 2014 would be a tiki hut. The famous Kahiki, the bygone tiki restaurant that once reigned over Columbus, Ohio, was a particular inspiration. The pattern itself is super easy to cut out and assemble, so you can get to the fun part — the decorating — quickly. This tiki hut Putz house can live in a snowy winter climate, or a tropical paradise — you decide! Heck yeah there is more →

Butterfly roof ranch Putz house #7 — download the free pattern to make your own

butterfly-roof-ranch-house-putzkitschmas-krazyWe get emails all year long from readers who have made mini Putz houses from our free patterns — or even come up with their own. So up, it’s year three for this Retro Renovation tradition — with three new patterns completed and rolling out, starting today. Grab your cardboard, glue guns, paint and supplies and get ready to make this adorable butterfly roof midcentury ranch home, #7 in our diminutive subdivision. Heck yeah there is more →

World of Tile — last days

world-of-tile-1I had an epic 16-hour experience on Saturday, round-tripping it to/from World of Tile. Once there, I spent 10+ hours (including a short offsite lunch/bathroom break) trying to cover every last nook and cranny. But no, there was still more I did not get to. About 30 trips loading tile into my car 15 (?) pounds at a time + everything else — I am so tired I can barely move. So yes, this continues to be the World of Tile blog, more photos of my treasures and/or “other normal stories” to come as soon as I get full night’s non-adreline rush sleep. Meanwhile, I have nothin’ else but WOT on the brain, in the bones, in the soul, for ya this morning.  Formal updates on status still be posted regularly here (tip: Subscribe to comments on all these stories if you are following the sad saga.) Who else went this weekend? What did you get?

Can you spot what’s missing in this photo?