From time capsules to toilets to a look at the ’80s — 10 favorite stories so far this year

retro-aqua-bathroomWe toured the amazing 1967 home built for the family that founded A. Brandt Ranch Oak furniture unicorn-people-in-retro-kitchenMythical readers Jenny & Bob share their retro red kitchen remodel – and their sense of humor.
1960-retro-kitchenEveryone went wild for this 1954 magical Martin home in Los Angeles, California retro sofasWe listed nine reasons to love Joybird Furniture — a midcentury modern ‘manu-tailer.’
retro-kitchen-remodel-Sarah showed us her “super economical” kitchen remodel featuring salvaged vintage cabinets.  vintage-green-bathroom-We toured Robert & Caroline’s 1953 home with amazing bathrooms and a St. Charles kitchen renovation.
retro-renovation-We picked our brains to come up with the top 12 reasons to own and love a mid-century home.
toilet colorsToilets galore! Where to buy vintage color toilets in pink, blue, harvest gold, beige, grey & bone.
1980s-design-styleWe reminisced with readers about 1980s decor — which we decided is now ‘vintage.’ retro-steel-kitchen-cabinets-geneva-This 1954 Texas time capsule house has a gorgeous St. Charles kitchen and a pink bathroom.

gonefishinKate and I are taking a little spring break this week. Meanwhile, to make the blog all retrolicious here on the homepage, we’ve spotlighted some of our favorite stories published so far this year. In case you missed them, here’s a chance to dig in. Another idea if you need your fix: Type a couple of key words into the Search box (in the blue ‘laminate’ area up by the header), and see what the Retro Renovation archives deliver. We’ll we back with new stories on Monday.

Two sexy, red, round, sunken 1970s bath tubs — double your pleasure, double your fun in Indianapolis

Kohler-70s-soaker-tub-adcroppedKohler-70s-soaker-tub-redJust in time for spring, a wondrous woddity in the form of this sexy sequoia red sunken tub — and there’s a twin — ready for a party! — spotted for sale on craigslist by reader Helen.  The sellers who recently purchased this 1973 love pad told us that the matching pair of sunken tubs were both in the master bathroom. Oh my. If historic walls could talk. We can only begin to imagine. Oh my. There are more goodies, too — avocado kitchen appliances, Mediterranean cabinets, lighting — prepare your eyeballs. Heck yeah there is more →

  • Gus* Modern revives 1950 Russell Spanner designed chair — with great historical photos, too!

    russell spannergus spanner chairPam had a longtime career in public relations, so she loves it when she gets a great PR pitch — and this is the best we’ve received in a long time. Furniture maker Gus* Modern has just introduced faithful reproductions of vintage Russell Spanner chairs, made in Toronto like the originals. What set this pitch apart: Not only did Gus* send us great product photos and details, but they also provided a boatload of yummy historical photos and info. Nicely done pitch, Gus*, we’re swinging at this one for sure! Heck yeah there is more →

    Martin house estate sale — loaded with art and artifacts — this weekend

    gloria martin ceramicsIf you happen to live near Los Angeles, this weekend offers a rare chance to take home a piece of history from the magical 1954 home of Albert P. and Gloria Martin. When we first wrote about this house, we were forewarned that an estate sale was pending. Now it’s here, and the folks at Hughes Estate Sales have kindly allowed us to share this sneak peak of the many treasures — including, especially, all the wonderful art by Gloria Martin. Heck yeah there is more →

    Which way to tilt horizontal blinds — slats up or down?

    retro renovation pams kitchenWhen we asked readers should toilet paper go on the roll “over” or “under” (as if!), reader Steve was agnostic on the issue. However, he flagged another vexing question — how should the slats of horizontal blinds be adjusted? I asked the experts at Hunter Douglas, and yup, now everything is illuminated. bwah bwah. Heck yeah there is more →

    1956 Dallas time capsule house with Jack ‘n Jill bathroom — just 1,500 s.f., but lives large — 28 photos

    1960s-brick-ranch-houseTour-a-Time-CapsuleThis beautiful, well maintained, 1956 ranch home listed for sale in Dallas by retro realtor Ed Murchison won’t officially go on the market until next week — but Ed knows about our love for time capsule houses here and pitched us this story. The house looks like a real winner — so we went for it. The house has all kids of appeal, including vaulted ceilings, amazing terrazzo floors, exposed beams and floor-to-ceiling windows — lovely curb appeal, too. At just over 1,500 square feet, this home is modest in size, but this one is a classic that shows how a nice layout (and two full bathrooms) can make a house live large.  Ed wants us to let everyone know, that if you are in the market for a midcentury modern house in Dallas, he is hosting the first open house this coming Sunday from 2-4 p.m.  But want a sneak peek? We have it, courtesy Shoot2Sell Photography – 26 yummy photos. Heck yeah there is more →