20 time capsule house living rooms — mid-century fun & fabulous flavors galore

Kitchen and bathrooms often get top billing when we ogle time capsule houses here on the blog. So today, let’s return to our archive of nearly 100 time capsules houses and admire 20 of our favorite living rooms. There’s an incredible selection here — proving yet again, there are lots of ways to retro. Above: 1962  Minnesota house, photo courtesy Ben Colvin of Spacecrafting and agents Tom and Henry Edelstein.Heck yeah there is more →

Like a Rock: The Hellbaum House in Berkeley is built into and around enormous boulders

midcentury-house-built-on-bedrock house-built-around-bedrockMany midcentury homes were built by skilled craftsmen, using quality materials — yup, “built like a rock.” But this 1950 time capsule house — known locally as the Hellbaum House, after its original owners actually is built on and around rock — massive boulders — inside and out!   The home also boasts an original elevator that has operated without issue since the day it was installed… steel kitchen cabinets painted in an auto body shop… and other beautiful midcentury modern interior features. Oh yeah: It’s for sale! Heck yeah there is more →

“Bicentennial Chic” — heck to the yeah

bicentennial chic vintage ethan allenUpon the most recent celebration of our American Independence, I learned that there is now a design trend called “Bicentennial Chic.” This amuses me to no end. Bicentennial Chic seems to me to be a lovely bit of wordsmithing meant to upmarket “1970s Early American” decor and fashion. Not that I am opposed, whatsoever. If it’s design done well, it’s design done well, an American Eagle by any other name would look so grand, and all that, you know. So how to define “Bicentennial Chic”? I could not find an official definition online, so, calling upon my own experience including the fact that I LIVED THROUGH IT THE FIRST TIME, let’s take a look at this what’s-old-always-comes-back-again trend. Above: Vintage Ethan Allen catalog edition 70 from the 1970s, from my personal collection.Heck yeah there is more →