Midcentury masterpiece 1955 time capsule “tile house” in Minneapolis — every room full of exquisite tile designs — 69 photos

1955 midcentury modern time capsule house Now added to my list of top-10 time capsule houses of all time: This mind-blowingly exquisite 1955 midcentury modern home in Minneapolis — the William and Irma Dale/Victor House –designed by acclaimed architect Carl Graffunder for his sister and family, who were owners of a local tile shop. And their tile shop must have been something indeed, because for this home, they created some of the most beautiful tile installations I have ever seen. Tile is featured in every room — beautifully — complemented by glowing woodwork, including loads of pecky cypress. This house is going on the market today — co-listed by Scott Acker and Bruce Erickson of Coldwell Banker Burnet. It’s not even on the MLS quite yet! AND: Thanks to our wonderful friends at Spacecrafting, we have 69 photos to show you. Get ready — this one is amaaaazing!Heck yeah there is more →

Plato made me do it: A 1952 bathroom vanity with an inlaid laminate Greek design

vintage formica bathroom vanityThis one is pretty darn awesome: A vintage bathroom vanity — with an ancient Greek-themed design inlaid into the sparkle laminate surface. Or so we think. I recall that in my college Philosophy 101 class I learned from Plato that, “The rare is the good.” This one appears to be oh-so-rare. So this one is oh-so-good. And: Oh-so-appropriate that it is Plato who tells us so.Heck yeah there is more →

My 1940s kitchen design board #3

1940s kitchenI am in the mode: Cranking out a new 1940s style kitchen design board each week until I get them all done. I think there will be five in total. Here is #3: A retro kitchen inspired by a vintage American Kitchen ad. It’s dominated by the color red — via the ruby red mother of pearl laminate countertop — and anchored by a green linoleum that I’d describe as, yes, drab. But also, restful, which allows your eye to rest on the sharp colors elsewhere in the room. Remember: Every element of a design doesn’t need to “scream.” I hesitate to say “shouldn’t” scream but there, I said it anyway.Heck yeah there is more →