What’s inside this time capsule house? A 2,300-pipe pipe organ — a million dollar surprise!

pipe-organ-houseWoah: Tucked inside this otherwise modest time capsule house — a 1900 single-owner home now for sale in Grand Rapids —  is a 1929 Kimball 2,300-pipe pipe organ — a feature that is valued at up to a million dollars. I can’t imagine anyone would ever guess. Thanks to reader Lucas for this hot tip — and click on through for the answer — including a wonderful video.Heck yeah there is more →

Retro wall stencils — patterns and tips from 7 reader projects

reader-painted-wallpaperOver the past year or two, at least seven of our readers have created their own midcentury modern retro ‘painted wallpaper’ using homemade stencils, templates and stamps. This snazzy solution may be a bit on the time consuming side, but it is also an affordable project — with endless possibilities. We gathered all the examples into this one, easy-to-check-out story.Heck yeah there is more →

Our 6th source for midcentury modern entry doors – fiberglass, from Home Depot

Midcentury-entry doorsEven Home Depot is getting into the market for midcentury modern front doors, with three midcentury modern entry door styles available on their website, for in-store delivery. The line of fiberglass entry doors — by Builder’s Choice — is available in a variety of factory paint finishes — including a pretty candy-apple red and a skylark blue — or in a primed and ready-to-paint version. Thanks to reader Kay for this tip!Heck yeah there is more →

1954 Texas time capsule house — interior design perfection — 26 photos

time capsule interior decorTour-a-Time-CapsuleFrom the repetition of colors and textures… to the thoughtful furniture arrangement in each room… there are a lot of great interior design tips from studying this 1954 time capsule ranch home for sale in Houston, Texas. The home is chock-full of well thought out design, tasteful yet playful decor and traditional-with-a-bit-of-modern furniture pieces that from here on out, may never go out of style. Let’s take a look.
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