Dear John Hollywood Parisian poodle vintage toilet seat

vintage poodle toilet seatBack in the 40s and 50s, the luxury of having indoor plumbing was truly a thing to celebrate — and not unlike today, people enjoyed their toilet humor. Today’s awesome example: This vintage toilet seat  artfully painted with primping french poodles and humorous messages for the ladies and the gents. There’s even a name, Dear John Hollywood, with a copyright — maybe there are more of these out there, manufactured in some volume? Oui Oui Madame!Heck yeah there is more →

Angela’s crafty DIY atomic starburst cabinet pull backplates

starburst backplateReader Angela loved the vintage Amerock starburst backplates that Kate used on her bathroom vanity So when she needed hardware for her kitchen cabinets, Angela wanted starbursts. Angela found them on Ebay, but at $28 each it would have cost nearly $1,000 for just the 34 backplates she needed. Instead of giving up, Angela got creative — and made an army of sparkly aqua acrylic copies from one Amerock original. Heck yeah there is more →

Retro Design Dilemma: Paint colors or wallpaper for Diane’s kitschy pink bathroom?

vintage pink bathroomDesignDilemmaAbout a year ago, Diane bought a lovely 1960 ‘granny ranch’ in Florida. She’s been having fun decorating the original pink bathroom with vintage goodies from her mother’s collection, but now she is having problems deciding on a paint color for this kitschy space. She hopes Pam and me — and our wonderful readers — can help. Retro Design Dilemma time!Heck yeah there is more →

Kristen and Paul’s 1940s style aqua and black tile bathroom, built from scratch

They recreate original wallboard — in ceramic tile

vintage bathroomfamily2When we last heard from Kristen and Paul, the couple had a stash of Daltile Aqua Glow wall tiles stacked in their garage and were eagerly awaiting the day when they could be installed in their charming 1899 home’s main floor bathroom. Fast forward a year — and their bathroom is now complete. Kristen loves it so much she wanted to sleep in there for the first few days after it was complete, and yowza, we don’t blame her — what a gorgeous bathroom!Heck yeah there is more →