One ingenious couple + two sets of vintage St. Charles kitchen cabinets = a gorgeous midcentury modern kitchen remodel

midcentury modern kitchenroger-and-lyndseyOne of the most enjoyable parts of our trip to KBIS 2016 in January was meeting some of our readers there — like Roger. When we met, he mentioned he had recently remodeled his 1953 kitchen featuring St. Charles steel kitchen cabinets. We followed up — and oh my! — hold onto your hats, we’ve got one epic look at Roger and his wife Lynsey’s kitchen renovation. “After” photo above courtesy of Che Bella Interiors and Spacecrafting.Heck yeah there is more →

Deceptively modest outside — High-end disco fever inside! Awesome 1970 time capsule house

1970s time capsule houseTour-a-Time-CapsuleJust when I begin to think that there must be no more time capsule houses left, we a get a wave where they are coming at us from every direction. I try to parse them out on the blog, but lately I can’t keep up — so I’m grooving to the beat, and here’s our third time capsule house in the span of a week. Outside, it’s: deceptively ‘normal’. But inside, it’s: A 1970 gem of an original-owner home in Skokie, Illinois, where listing agent Sarah Rothschild tells me she entered and won her first and only disco dancing contest! Yes, the was the coolest house in the neighborhood, party central. I’d call this interior design exceptionally refined 1970s — oh my word, is that a set of Warren Platner coffee- and side tables? And those sofa sectionals, you’re gonna swoon! Come inside and join the party –> Heck yeah there is more →

Julie’s bathroom using 4″ pink tile from Classic Tile

vintage pink bathroom julie-living-roomKate and several other readers have used B&W’s pink tile to recreate Mamie pink bathrooms from scratch — and now, here’s our first reader who’s used the second identified supplier o’ the retro pink tile, Classic Tile, to create a delicious pink bathroom. This new pink tile installed in Julie’s bathroom is a softer, more delicate shade than the B&W — and equally delightful! To the right: That’s Julie and friend Swagger Lee.Heck yeah there is more →

Olsonite glitter toilet seat

glitter-toilet-seatI’m obsessed with vintage glitter decor. Obsessed with vintage toilets. Obsessed with woddities. Obsessed with folks who find motherlodes of New Old Stock in old hardware store warehouses. So here’s where all my Age-of-Aquarius planets align: In a gold-glitter-embedded NOS Olsonite toilet seat (affiliate link) made by the Swedish Crucible Steel Company*, Plastics Division, Detroit, Mich. It’s from one of our favorite ebay sellers, nomoredrama4me, who keeps pulling stuff out of that insanely wonderful attic warehouse treasure trove of hers in Kansas City.Heck yeah there is more →