Lori’s DIY insulator pendant lights

insulator pendant lightsWhen we featured Lori’s kitchen recently, we asked her where she purchased her insulator pendants. Well, wouldn’t you know, she’s a crafty and said, “It was a DIY job….  I bought the light kit from Home Depot & the insulators from a local business that sells house parts from houses that are dismantled instead of demolished (Urban Miners). I recommend having an electrician install them and the lights use low wattage candelabra bulbs.” Heck yeah there is more →

Pam’s 200 Saved Searches — combed through daily

ebay-200-button100sFLOWER235I have 200 Saved Searches on ebay, and every morning I scour them for the top items that I think (1) might be helpful to you in completing your Retro Renovation projects, (2) may be deals if you are a collector, or (3) are just plain doggone wonderful or odd. I’m not saying they are all necessary great buys or anything — do your own research! Disclosure: We may earn a spiff from ebay if you buy anything — this is part of how we keep the blog boat afloat.Heck yeah there is more →

Tulsa time capsule with incredible Asian-meets-Frank Lloyd Wright decor

midcentury-dining-set-tulip-tableTour-a-Time-CapsuleLately the time capsule houses have been flying in at warp speed. Today’s feature — this luscious 1960 ranch home — updated in the 1970s — in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that’s loaded with eye popping original features. In the sunroom alone you’ll find the original checkerboard floors and Weldtex ceilings, built-in stone planters and gorgeous wall murals.Heck yeah there is more →