Wodd wodder woddest: 1966 aqua porcelain kitchen sink with egg-shaped bowls and stick shift faucet

aqua-vintage-kitchen-sinkYowza — today a real treat —  one of the most delicious looking vintage woddities in a while. Reader Tami spotted this amazing aqua American Standard porcelain sink listed for sale on Ebay. The sink’s double not-quite-circular bowls… not-quite-square shape with not-quite-square hudee ring… luscious aqua color… and original faucet with dual built-in soap dispensers are unlike quite anything we’ve ever seen before. While basking in the beauty of this sink however, a realization hit me: How to turn on the tap? It looks like there is a… stick shift required? Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines… 

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Meghan and Will’s midcentury modern ‘Jetsons’ kitchen remodel

50s-modern-kitchen-remodelTake a look back at all of the reader home remodeling stories we’ve covered and you’ll notice one common theme often surfaces: Unless the renovation is DIY, most homeowners need to convince their contractors they aren’t nuts for wanting to build 1950s pink bathroom or a ’60s kitchen. However, in the case of Meghan and her husband Will’s 1954 Florida ranch home kitchen remodel, the surprising opposite is true. The couple were all set to remodel their kitchen using relatively contemporary finishes until Jason, their wood worker, decided he just couldn’t build a modern kitchen around the showpiece of the space — the couple’s professionally restored 1950s vintage Universal stove. Heck yeah there is more →

  • Midcentury modern front door escutcheons — 2 reproductions from Liz’s Antique Hardware


    Today — a new discovery — two retro style escutcheons available exclusively from Liz’s Antique Hardware. We already know that Rejuvenation offers midcentury modern style door backplates in starburst designs, a Brutalist doorplate and several minimalist geometric options. With these newly discovered options from Liz’s Antique Hardware, our count for retro door escutcheons on the market today not comes to eight – plus Roundhouse Sarah explained how she made one DIY.  Let’s take a closer look at Liz’s designs… Heck yeah there is more →

    Sterling ‘Starscape’ — a fun retro shower door for a midcentury bathroom

    starburst-shower-doorProps to reader Jennifer, who spotted this starburst strewn shower door  – called ‘Starscape’ by Sterling Plumbing – while cruising the bathroom isle of Menards. The ‘Starscape’ shower door would be a delightful and stylish way to contain your bath time splashes in either a vintage pastel or midcentury modern bathroom, don’t you think?  Heck yeah there is more →

    Stunning 1955 midcentury modern house in Fort Worth — built by the Brandt family

    textural-wall-mid-century-modernRetro realtor Ed Murchison just forced us out of our vacation week with this fastball in the form of this 1955 Fort Worth, Texas midcentury modern ranch house stunner listed for sale just hours ago. Right away it’s clear that this house is another home run. It is packed with gorgeous original features including amazing sculptural concrete walls, carved doors, miles of terrazzo flooring, floor-to-ceiling windows, a guest house and a pool that would make anyone feel as though they lived at a tropical resort. The home – like this 1967 ranch we recently featured – is another home built for the Brandt family — makers of A. Brandt Ranch House Furniture. Heck yeah there is more →

    From time capsules to toilets to a look at the ’80s — 10 favorite stories so far this year

    retro-aqua-bathroomWe toured the amazing 1967 home built for the family that founded A. Brandt Ranch Oak furniture unicorn-people-in-retro-kitchenMythical readers Jenny & Bob share their retro red kitchen remodel – and their sense of humor.
    1960-retro-kitchenEveryone went wild for this 1954 magical Martin home in Los Angeles, California retro sofasWe listed nine reasons to love Joybird Furniture — a midcentury modern ‘manu-tailer.’
    retro-kitchen-remodel-Sarah showed us her “super economical” kitchen remodel featuring salvaged vintage cabinets.  vintage-green-bathroom-We toured Robert & Caroline’s 1953 home with amazing bathrooms and a St. Charles kitchen renovation.
    retro-renovation-We picked our brains to come up with the top 12 reasons to own and love a mid-century home.
    toilet colorsToilets galore! Where to buy vintage color toilets in pink, blue, harvest gold, beige, grey & bone.
    1980s-design-styleWe reminisced with readers about 1980s decor — which we decided is now ‘vintage.’ retro-steel-kitchen-cabinets-geneva-This 1954 Texas time capsule house has a gorgeous St. Charles kitchen and a pink bathroom.

    gonefishinKate and I are taking a little spring break this week. Meanwhile, to make the blog all retrolicious here on the homepage, we’ve spotlighted some of our favorite stories published so far this year. In case you missed them, here’s a chance to dig in. Another idea if you need your fix: Type a couple of key words into the Search box (in the blue ‘laminate’ area up by the header), and see what the Retro Renovation archives deliver. We’ll we back with new stories on Monday.