Toilet seats in 94 colors – for your retro bathroom

I think I have finally lost my marbles. Jumping up and down in my office, all excited to find a company that offers 94 different colors of toilet seats… and dying to share it — to stop the presses — to postpone the planned laminate story — get this NEWS on the blog!

Thanks to Sales Manager John at, who provided a quick-as-a-flash answer to my question about where to find vintage-color toilet seats. I think John knows everything. Readers: Send me questions. Let’s test him! I’ll get a radio show. Like Click and Clack, only… about Vintage Plumbing.

So, the company that performs this wonderful service to all of mid mod America, is Bemis Inc. from Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Elongated, or round-bowl. Plastic – but it will do if I wanted…needed…the perfect pink toilet seat.

Where to buy:

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  1. Tikimama says

    Argh! Pam, you didn’t mention that the seats cost $77.00!! I’m very excited about this anyway, because my lovely new pink bathroom is marred by an oak toilet seat (horrible memories of my parents’ 80s brown bathroom)! Guess I’ll just have to save up to buy one of these. Funny, because in our desert house (the one we just moved from), we have peachy-pink toilets, and one of them had a Bemis seat. It had probably been there a very long time, and was still serviceable, until my two little ones started slamming it, then the little plastic feet on the lid broke.

    My blue bathroom here (new house) had an oak seat also, but my two-year-old picked out a dolphin-motif seat at Target. On clearance for $24.00, which I thought was pricey – until now!

  2. says

    Hey Tikimama aka Elise, yes, $77 is a lot – but when an item is small-run specialty like this, it’s gonna cost.

    I recently saw a vintage toilet seat go for over $100 on ebay. It had poodles on it, as I recall.

  3. nancy says

    I was very surprised by the price of these toilet seats. But, I must say they are such an improvement from the very old ones that we had & the color matches perfectly to our yellow & blue American Standard toilets. I think anyone that orders will be very happy. I was so excited to find them & have them match so well!! It really doesn’t take much to get us excited! A great find!

  4. says

    Thanks, Pam, for providing this great resource for replacement non-white toilet seats. Yes, they are pricey when you consider that they are just plastic, but as Pam notes, they are made in relatively small runs, driving up the unit cost. But my issue with them is not the price. It’s the authenticity.

    Toilet seats in the 1950s were not plastic. They were wood, painted, with metal hinges rather than plastic ones. Purists like myself can get pretty picky about these kinds of details. So what’s an obsessive-compulsive restorationist to do? My solution was to buy an old-fashioned toilet seat from a warehouse home improvement store and alter it. I bought a seat in the authentic 1950s style: wood, painted white, with chromed metal hinges. Dirt cheap at about $10. Then I visited the local marine boating supply store for a quart of epoxy boat paint, taking along my color-matched paint chip from the warehouse store. Matched the color, repainted the seat with durable epoxy, and voila! A color-matching, fully authentic 1950s blue wooden toilet seat with chrome metal hinges for less than the price of a non-authentic all-plastic one!

    • Gina says

      I just purchased a mid century modern built in 1960 that I am restoring.The bathrooms have all original Crane fixtures-including the very unusual heavy duty ORIGINAL plastic Crane elongated color matching toilet seat-complete with corroded zinc hinges. Other than the little bit of corrosion on the hinges (which also are very unusual looking ) the seat is in perfect condition.

    • KM says

      Toilets seats in the 1950’s were made of materials other than wood! I have original hard plastic type material seats on one bathroom, and the other is original pearloid (mother-of-toilet-seat) material. Neither has metal hinges…

  5. nancyb says

    Hey Everyone – I used this system a few months ago to match my peachy-pink 50’s toilet. If you Google the color direct system, you will find vendors who sell it for around $50. I bought my system package (color swatches) off of You still order the color you want through Bemis, and get a Bemis seat.
    The color swatch I picked was #043, which corresponds to American Standard’s “Corallin”. The seat I received blends very well with the toilet, although it’s a little light. The seat is all plastic, but is comfortable and looks good to me.

  6. says

    Hi, I just came across your site through Jenn Ski and I can’t believe the resources you have. You will totally be a daily stop for me and my ranch redo. Just wanted to say thanks for all the info- especially the toilet seats!

  7. Cheryl Ware says

    I am looking for an American Standard pink, green, and yellow toilet with all the parts and matching toilet seat. We currently have since 1954 three original pink, green, and yellow toilets in our Palos Verdes house. Does anyone make new parts to replace the old original parts? Each bathroom has matching tile and decor that matches the colored toilet. A while toilet to replace each one of these would not look in the room. Any suggestions on what to do and where to go? We are in California.

    • Pam Kueber says

      Hi Cheryl, I’d start you off at – to see if they can help you. After that, I think you are going to have to watch you local Re-Store/Habitat for Humanity, craigslist and other salvage places around you. In addition – you should also look at the toilets available today from companies like American-Standard, Kohler, Crane, Eljer, Briggs, Toto – some of them make toilets in color and maybe you will find one or more that are “close enough.” I would love to see your bathrooms – send pics to retrorenovation at gmail dot com! Good luck and let us know how your hunt progresses.

  8. astrosonical says

    I found a plastic seat for my 1961 American Standard toilet in a local thrift shop. It cost me $3.50 and is a pleasant shade of green not too far off of the original. I had to use the plastic fittings off the white plastic one that preceded this. It’s a great fit, but sort of keeps the lid cover from fitting really well. It’s little trouble considering the alternatives.

  9. says

    Please note… “Bemis Inc.” is a different company. “Bemis Manufacturing Company” is the toilet seat company.

    Both companies happen to have a location in Wisconsin. Yes, we get calls mixing the two companies all the time. =)

    And yes, one of the biggest reasons these odd colors cost so much is because these speciality colors are not mass produced, affording the economy of scale prices.

    @G. Beker

    Crane’s yellow, listed on Bemis’ color chart, shows as Buttercup Yellow (a substitute for Citrus Yellow). The same color is called Saffron Yellow by American Standard or Sunrise by Kohler Co. The Bemis color code is 211. But I would recommend calling our Customer Service (see our website). It’s likely they can help you find what you’re looking for and direct you to a place to purchase it.

    Yes, I know your post is a few months old, but better late than never! And it might help someone else coming across this site in the future. (Customer Service has only recently brought this site to my attention)

  10. susan m g says


  11. says

    @Susan m g

    I’ve checked with our customer service and it’s correct, the LC212 toilet seat (for the American Standard 10″ bolt spread proprietary toilet) has been discontinued in many colors, including Saffron Yellow (211).

    I’m not aware of any other manufacturers who make a seat for those toilets.

    • pam kueber says

      Wow, John, thank you for checking and responding.

      Susay, I think there was a suggestion from another reader from this site at some point: Buy a wood seat, paint it your color with marine paint. A big hassle but it may be your only choice if you want matchy-matchy.

  12. jjhowatt says

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement tank for my American Standard PURPLE toilet? I love my purple toilet, we’ve replaced the guts out of it already to keep it “alive” but it now has a few fissure cracks in the bottom corner of the tank causing it to leak! The rest of the toilet is fine and the seat is plastic but it does match. Can anyone help?

  13. Tammy Boyle says

    Our house was built in 1957. We have 4 bathrooms each with a different color American Standard toilet. Replacing the white toilet seat was not a problem. The pink had been replaced and was fine. We went through Bemis for the yellow. The color chip seemed to match really well, but when we received the seat is was a few shades lighter than the the chip. We contacted Bemis and they suggested sending a bolt cover from the toilet and they tried to match it, but they must have used bad lighting because that seat was a worse match than the first one. So I sent that one back (I am now out 25 dollars for return postage) and tried to match the blue. The chip we choose Regency Blue was perfect, but when the seat came it is much lighter. It sounds like this tends to be the case. I suggest going a shade darker from the beginning.

  14. Jean says

    Hi Pam and all,
    I had been heart broken due to not being able to repair my 1960s Rheem lavender toilet. I was just about to purchase a white toilet to coordinate with my lovely lavender tub and sink, when I came across a vintage Rheem toilet on Craigslist about 3 weeks ago at a shop in Philadelphia. It had matching pieces, but we just needed the toilet. Shipping it here to Massachusetts was out of sight, so my dear husband drove down and picked it up. It is in perfect shape but without a seat. I was just able to find the color kit at Ace Hardware for 52.95. This will include shipping from the company. SO….I am a happy camper with my beautiful Rheem lavender toilet and soon to arrive matching seat. How crazy, huh? I’ll send pictures after we have completed it!

    Here is the link to the what i bought and thestore in Philadelphia, which I think is a great resource for folks:


  15. Lana Acebo says

    I am looking for a regency blue elongated toilet seat for an American Standard Norwall toilet, model F 4040 74, space from one center of hinge to center of other hinge is 10″ a thanks

  16. Tom B says

    I’m have a perfectly fine Am Std model 4049 from 1984 in color Persian according to the customer service folks at Am. Std. I also see stamped inside the tank #S82. Is this the color code? Ild like to be sure. Anyway I’m looking for a toilet seat for that in it’s matching persian color. Have you got that in stock or can you supply me with any leads?

  17. PAT LIGON says

    I have a l964 Rheem lavender bathroom-sink, tub, tile and toilet…with a white rose on the toilet seat and sinks. The toilet seat has broken at the connection site. Cannot find replacement and don’t won’t to go to a solid color…any suggestions welcomed.

  18. Jen McFarland says

    Expensive, but worth it! Kilgore, Petal Pink?!?! Are you kidding me? Totally rad, I thought I’d have to replace the toilet instead of having a seat that doesn’t match (which I didn’t want, but the seat we have is really old and needs to be replaced).

  19. Gayle Shepherd says

    Pam, I have a pink toliet seat I purchased and one of the hinges broke . It is a plastic hinge. My seat is fine but , can you replace the hinge instead of having to buy a whole new toliet seat. they are so expensive.This is the second one I have purchased. Looks like you could find replacement hinges. Thanks Gayle S.

  20. Gayle Shepherd says

    Pam, Could you tell me where I might find a fresh Green or light lime toliet seat oblong. thanks

  21. victor ziembowski says

    Gerber and peerless , I need a blue ceramic glaze toilet. Either Dawn Blue #29 or Royal Blue #22.. I need to have your phone number to talk to a sales person. Please send that information to me as soon as you can, Sincerely Victor Ziembowski

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Carolyn, We do not sell anything here. You need to refer to the resources/companies profiled in the story.

  22. Erin in Ohio says

    I know this is an “old” story to be commenting on, but I want to share with everyone that I’ve had a couple very positive interactions with Bemis’ customer service. This company deserves our business! I highly recommend them. I wish I had more toilets that needed replacement seats. :-)

  23. says

    Came across today searching for a color match seat for an old crane toilet. They aren’t listed in your resources. Just wondering if you have heard of them and how their color matching rates. It seems it will be quite an investment this new seat for my free toilet!

  24. Michelle says

    I just bought a house with an American Standard that has a rectangular seat. The toilet is rose color but the seat is beige and in bad shape. I can’t find where to order a new seat anywhere! Can someone help?

      • Michelle says

        It is a wonderful toilet! Never thought I would say that about a toilet, lol, but I really want to keep it. The only place I can find the seat is in UK. There it is called Ideal Standard “Michelangelo” and is quite pricey and I have yet to find it in pink. I did investigate every link on this site with no luck so I am considering trying to match the color in paint until I can find a replacement.

      • Michelle says

        What company? I don’t see a link, I would like to look at it as well. I have read all the other comments and haven’t found what I need. My toilet seat is probably “Blush” and not “Beige” but you don’t want it, its old and worn. 😉

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