Toilet seats in 94 colors – for your retro bathroom

I think I have finally lost my marbles. Jumping up and down in my office, all excited to find a company that offers 94 different colors of toilet seats… and dying to share it — to stop the presses — to postpone the planned laminate story — get this NEWS on the blog!

Thanks to Sales Manager John at, who provided a quick-as-a-flash answer to my question about where to find vintage-color toilet seats. I think John knows everything. Readers: Send me questions. Let’s test him! I’ll get a radio show. Like Click and Clack, only… about Vintage Plumbing.

So, the company that performs this wonderful service to all of mid mod America, is Bemis Inc. from Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Elongated, or round-bowl. Plastic – but it will do if I wanted…needed…the perfect pink toilet seat.

Where to buy:


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  1. PAT LIGON says

    I have a l964 Rheem lavender bathroom-sink, tub, tile and toilet…with a white rose on the toilet seat and sinks. The toilet seat has broken at the connection site. Cannot find replacement and don’t won’t to go to a solid color…any suggestions welcomed.

  2. Jen McFarland says

    Expensive, but worth it! Kilgore, Petal Pink?!?! Are you kidding me? Totally rad, I thought I’d have to replace the toilet instead of having a seat that doesn’t match (which I didn’t want, but the seat we have is really old and needs to be replaced).

  3. Gayle Shepherd says

    Pam, I have a pink toliet seat I purchased and one of the hinges broke . It is a plastic hinge. My seat is fine but , can you replace the hinge instead of having to buy a whole new toliet seat. they are so expensive.This is the second one I have purchased. Looks like you could find replacement hinges. Thanks Gayle S.

  4. Gayle Shepherd says

    Pam, Could you tell me where I might find a fresh Green or light lime toliet seat oblong. thanks

  5. victor ziembowski says

    Gerber and peerless , I need a blue ceramic glaze toilet. Either Dawn Blue #29 or Royal Blue #22.. I need to have your phone number to talk to a sales person. Please send that information to me as soon as you can, Sincerely Victor Ziembowski

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Carolyn, We do not sell anything here. You need to refer to the resources/companies profiled in the story.

  6. Erin in Ohio says

    I know this is an “old” story to be commenting on, but I want to share with everyone that I’ve had a couple very positive interactions with Bemis’ customer service. This company deserves our business! I highly recommend them. I wish I had more toilets that needed replacement seats. 🙂

  7. says

    Came across today searching for a color match seat for an old crane toilet. They aren’t listed in your resources. Just wondering if you have heard of them and how their color matching rates. It seems it will be quite an investment this new seat for my free toilet!

  8. Michelle says

    I just bought a house with an American Standard that has a rectangular seat. The toilet is rose color but the seat is beige and in bad shape. I can’t find where to order a new seat anywhere! Can someone help?

      • Michelle says

        It is a wonderful toilet! Never thought I would say that about a toilet, lol, but I really want to keep it. The only place I can find the seat is in UK. There it is called Ideal Standard “Michelangelo” and is quite pricey and I have yet to find it in pink. I did investigate every link on this site with no luck so I am considering trying to match the color in paint until I can find a replacement.

      • Michelle says

        What company? I don’t see a link, I would like to look at it as well. I have read all the other comments and haven’t found what I need. My toilet seat is probably “Blush” and not “Beige” but you don’t want it, its old and worn. 😉

  9. Janice Poirot says

    I need to match a toilet seat & cover to a mauve-colored Kohler toilet. Don’t know the exact toilet color. Can a photo match the correct color (like paint)? Due to so many color variations, I don’t trust an eye-match from a photo.

  10. says

    An update to this story – Bemis has discontinued the Color Direct program profiled here. It has been replaced with the Classic Colors program. The new website is (there is a note on the Color Direct site indicating the change.)

    I used them to order a seat to match my 1960 American Standard and they were great – originally ordered in 2012, a part of the hinge broke recently and they still replaced it under warranty. Great service!

  11. Kathi Gosnell says

    We recently purchased two new toilet seats to match our Ming Green and Suez Tan American Standard toilets. We ordered a handful of color samples from the mention in the comments above, but when it came time to order we found that offered a much better price on the seats ($20 less per seat!) and offered them in MANY of the vintage colors, included the two we had selected from Don’t think there’s any way around ordering the chips through Classic Colors to figure out your perfect shade, but you can save some bucks by shopping around and that means more money for light fixtures, faucets, hand towels…

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