Toilet seats in 94 colors – for your retro bathroom

I think I have finally lost my marbles. Jumping up and down in my office, all excited to find a company that offers 94 different colors of toilet seats… and dying to share it — to stop the presses — to postpone the planned laminate story — get this NEWS on the blog!

Thanks to Sales Manager John at, who provided a quick-as-a-flash answer to my question about where to find vintage-color toilet seats. I think John knows everything. Readers: Send me questions. Let’s test him! I’ll get a radio show. Like Click and Clack, only… about Vintage Plumbing.

So, the company that performs this wonderful service to all of mid mod America, is Bemis Inc. from Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Elongated, or round-bowl. Plastic – but it will do if I wanted…needed…the perfect pink toilet seat.

Here’s the url direct to order the perfect color toilet seat of your very own!

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  1. says

    Came across today searching for a color match seat for an old crane toilet. They aren’t listed in your resources. Just wondering if you have heard of them and how their color matching rates. It seems it will be quite an investment this new seat for my free toilet!

  2. Michelle says

    I just bought a house with an American Standard that has a rectangular seat. The toilet is rose color but the seat is beige and in bad shape. I can’t find where to order a new seat anywhere! Can someone help?

      • Michelle says

        It is a wonderful toilet! Never thought I would say that about a toilet, lol, but I really want to keep it. The only place I can find the seat is in UK. There it is called Ideal Standard “Michelangelo” and is quite pricey and I have yet to find it in pink. I did investigate every link on this site with no luck so I am considering trying to match the color in paint until I can find a replacement.

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