Toilet seats in 94 colors – for your retro bathroom

I think I have finally lost my marbles. Jumping up and down in my office, all excited to find a company that offers 94 different colors of toilet seats… and dying to share it — to stop the presses — to postpone the planned laminate story — get this NEWS on the blog!

Thanks to Sales Manager John at deabath.com, who provided a quick-as-a-flash answer to my question about where to find vintage-color toilet seats. I think John knows everything. Readers: Send me questions. Let’s test him! I’ll get a radio show. Like Click and Clack, only… about Vintage Plumbing.

So, the company that performs this wonderful service to all of mid mod America, is Bemis Inc. from Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Elongated, or round-bowl. Plastic – but it will do if I wanted…needed…the perfect pink toilet seat.

Where to buy:

  1. An update to this story – Bemis has discontinued the Color Direct program profiled here. It has been replaced with the Classic Colors program. The new website is http://www.classic-colors.com (there is a note on the Color Direct site indicating the change.)

    I used them to order a seat to match my 1960 American Standard and they were great – originally ordered in 2012, a part of the hinge broke recently and they still replaced it under warranty. Great service!

  2. Kathi Gosnell says:

    We recently purchased two new toilet seats to match our Ming Green and Suez Tan American Standard toilets. We ordered a handful of color samples from the http://www.Classic-Colors.com mention in the comments above, but when it came time to order we found that http://www.Wayfair.com offered a much better price on the seats ($20 less per seat!) and offered them in MANY of the vintage colors, included the two we had selected from http://www.Classic-Colors.com. Don’t think there’s any way around ordering the chips through Classic Colors to figure out your perfect shade, but you can save some bucks by shopping around and that means more money for light fixtures, faucets, hand towels…

  3. Edie says:

    Help! We have a midcentury home with a Ming green tile, tub and wall toilet. We need to replace the toilet seat and can not find a seat with 10″ bolt spacing. Everything is 5″. Do you know where we can find a Ming green toilet seat with bolt spacing of 10 ” ?

  4. Sarah says:

    Our 1956 pink toilet seat has metal hinges that are finally failing. I’d love to find a replacement seat with metal hinges rather than switch to plastic. Has anyone seen such a thing or have suggestions where to look? Thanks!!

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      I zipped around a few places online and cannot find. One suggestion that has come up before: Buy a wood or composite seat and have it repainted with marine paint…

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Lori, I recall this coming up once, but can’t find a story per se. My recollection is that someone did it: Using marine paint. As in, the kind of paint for boats. That said, check with the companies who make it for specification recommendations.

  5. Patricia Hulbert says:

    Needed: Borg-Warner light yellow toilet bowl. Inside tank inscription Apr 5 1973 Would buy whole toilet if can find.

  6. Debra Lubrano says:

    We are in need of an avocado toilet . Our tub and sink are avocado and like the look.
    Please advise .
    Or if they do not make them what color would you suggest

  7. Rebecca Werley says:

    I just used the link in your article above to order 5 paint chips to match our 1954 American Standard blue toilet. I can’t believe how excited I am to finally find a source to match our toilet! It has an awful wood seat now. Have ordered several other seats from Amazon etc. and none match. Classic Colors actually lists all of the possible colors for each manufacturer – can’t wait to see the chips! Will update!

    1. Clara says:

      Did it work? My daughter is redoing her bathroom with blue tub, sink and toilet…she also has a wooden seat tne lid…

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