• Vintage 40s and 50s reproduction shoes


    A girl can never, ever have too many shoes. Now, to alternate with my reissued vintage PF Flyers, I neeeeeeeed these:  ReMix Vintage Shoes — actual reproductions from the 1940s and 1950s. There are oodles of styles and colors available – for men, too.

    A store in my town of Lenox, Mass., actually carries a few examples . I tried them on, and they were like butter. They are not inexpensive. But my goodness, they are sweet. The pair above is the Briarcliff, a reproduction of a 1940s play shoe. The website also says there’s a bricks-and-mortar store in Hollywood, California, that features NOS shoes as well. Remix Vintage Shoes.

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    1. sablemable says:

      Nice shoes! I had to pull out some photos of my mother from back in the Forties and look at her shoes, LOL! Yep, some of the shoes on the Remix Vintage Shoes site looks just like the ones dear old mother wore.

    2. Oh, I just might have to take a ride out to Lenox one of these Saturdays! They look so comfy and could be a summer splurge!

    3. Remix shoes are the best, I have many pairs (and I’m from the UK!).

      Very comfy, very stylish and HIGHLY recommended :o)

      • pam kueber says:

        Hi Fiona! Have not heard from you in a while! Now you make me want Remix shoes very very very badly. Argh.

    4. I adore those! I”m not a shoe person but I could SO have one pair in each colour!

    5. Simply orgasmic!

    6. Oh, I’m in trouble now! ;)

    7. My vintage get-up always fail when you get down to my feet, but no more. Thanks!

    8. Another vote for Remix! I’m an avid swing dancer and find many of their styles very comfortable to wear dancing . The quality is good too. They hold up surprisingly well despite the abuse they take on the dance floor:)

      If I could afford it I would buy every style they have in every color.

      • pam kueber says:

        Theresa, this post has been TORTURE. I want them in every model, every color, too! shoes shoes shoes + vintage vintage + vintage. What could be a better combo!

    9. So totally my own opinion and blah blah, but re-mix doesn’t do it for me. Stylistically? I am there; we’re sharing ice cream cones and riding a magical two-saddled ten-cent pony ride together. But their quality is too sub-par for my tastes: cheap leather and shoddy stitching across wedgies and heels, both. Similar styles can be found from older Mariana by Golc (if a bit dowdier), though I still can’t say I’ve found anything that apes Re-Mix’s dedication to the superficials. You can find them (on sale sometimes, even) on amazon in the u.s.

      • pam kueber says:

        Thank you, all is on, for relaying your experience. I looked up mariana by golc and sure enough, what’s not to like. Although… in the vast majority of cases…these sure look like dancin’ shoes to me, rather than 40s play shoes…the heels are way to high for me….and straps that cut across the ankle like that shorten your leg… No question, though, super stylish for waifs: http://www.golcshoes.com/marianavintagefall2008.aspx

    10. no, that’s a very valid point that I neglected–that re-mix offers a lot of styles that are pretty walk- and dancable, and the marianas are much more, ooh look at my legs while I sit here and enjoy this manhattan. I walk a ton, though, and I’ve had two different pairs of re-mixes start to look shoddy after only a couple wearings. And I’ll just add real quick that farylrobin has some definite vintage inspiration, though it’s much more a mashup of vintage and contemporary styling. I … goodness, I just love looking at shoes.

    11. I LOVE Remix Shoes – they make for great lindyhopping shoes, especially the low wedges. Glad to see them featured here!

    12. If you wear any size greater than an 8, Re-mix is the way to go

    13. i love remix i have a pair and need more they are so comfy!

    14. another great source for “new” vintage shoes – Rocket Originals – based in the UK but even with the exchange rate/shipping, the pricing is about the same or a bit better in some cases, than Remix….a have a few friends who’ve ordered from them and they are great quality! just ordered my first pair in fact – the Kates!


    15. Ooooh, the apple green ones! There went my disposable income for the month. ;)

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